Helping a adult friend who potentially has ADHD in the Charlotte, NC area

I'm best friend of a 52 yr old male that i think might be showing increasing symptoms of ADHD. I'm trying to help find out resources for diagnose, consultation, treatment in the Charlotte area. Unfortunately this person seems to have difficulties in focusing in getting info on the topic so it might make sense that as a starting point, I do some preliminary research. I can see how some of the symptoms are getting worse and worse and at this point i believe it is impeding rational decision making process. In the past 6 months decision have been going from bad to worse and they are impacting his relationship and work life to serious levels. Please help me help my friend. Thanks

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  • Hi Crazybearnewfs, I got my diagnosis through behavioral health. Try the one on Billingsly Rd. if you live in Charlotte.

  • Thanks very much for your information. Did you have to go through a primary physician first or did you directly request an appointment and what specialty, psychiatrist, physiologist, other

  • Well I have been under their care for a while. They were the most direct and economical resource for me once my then primary care physcian started writing me various trial prescriptions for anxiety and depression.

  • Also, I requested the testing myself because I had been suspecting that I had ADHD and those meds that I was taking for other things weren't addressing other issues.

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