Never Been Diagnosed And Never Been Treated At 56 And Illiterate. Where To Turn?

when I was in grammer school my parents took me to doctor because I couldn't focus or follow instruction or learn in school. The Dr. put me on epileptic medication, which didn't do anything for me. I have never had a seizure. Then my folks seperated and I came to Calif to live with my older brother. He never knew I didn't go to school. I did get a job at a hospital. I was always finding jobs to do. I went to high school one the first day of my freshman year and the second time I went was the last day of my senior year. Needless to say, I never learned my 3 R"s at all. I got married and had 3 children. All of them were diagnosed with ADD and put on Retalin. They all were honor students. Grew up and left home. As I worked long hours to raise and spoil them I learned about drugs which helped me focus at work. Self medicating. Which led to divorce. My father was an abusive alcholic and now I began the alcohol abuse also. Now, at age 56, I try to go to phsyc to get Retalin for me and be treated for the ADD like my kids were; but they just want to give me all these other meds for other conditions and all they do is make me sleep my life away. I want retalin. I need something to do to occupy my self and my mind with and since I can't read my options for mental entertainment are very minimal. (Had to have my wife write this for me) She is very concerned over my handicap. Without being able to learn through reading, it narrows you outlook.

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  • Hi 1victor,

    Sorry to hear of your situation. You should be proud of your three children. Idk, if medication is right for you. My doctor says there is health risks for bring on ritalin after the age of 50. Pehaps, you should get a second opinion. Best of luck.


  • What is Idk? I am on medicare HMO, can only seem to get sent to this one Dr. an Indian guy who doesn't really ask me much. Wish he would do some CBT. What is usually recommended for over 50? If I knew of what to ask him about it might steer him

  • Idk, short for I don't know. What is cbt short for?

  • Maybe just focus on the one thing you want to do today. Maybe your wife can help you sort it out. Something easy that you can do right with little help for anybody else. For example, hang up clothes or fold clean clothes. Then, next day add one more thing. And so forth. Doing more things right, make you want to do more things right, right? pretty soon you will have a check list. Say, it is Sunday night. 8pm. Turn on alarm, for Monday, maybe decide what you want to wear for Monday, on the night before so it is easier for you. Put reminders in your cell phone, which saves my adhd life. Birthdays and anniversaries, parties. It may not work for you. This is what works for me.

    Take care,


  • CBT is cognitive behavioral therapy, means working with a therapist, and that's a good thing, actually. sounds like you have been through a lot, you have survived an ETOH abusing parent, got married, and raised a family. You should take pride in having done so, Seems like you have some disappointment in life. Sounds like you feel like you missed out on the educational experience you had hoped to have. Don't be discouraged, don't feel like it's too late to learn! whether or not your doctor does or doesn't think you have ADD getting to a therapist is a chance for you to discuss what ways you would like to make changes in your life, they can help you with that. some folks with ADD have comorbid problems like mood or learning difficulties, perhaps none apply to you, but the great thing is now you have someone who will meet with you regularly and help you sort this all out. that is what CBT can do!

    Tell the therapist you want to learn to read and you want to have a more involved life, that you feel very stuck they can guide you on your path to the changes it sound like you are really hoping to see in your life, hang in there. worried about grammar? don't worry you're not alone I'm a horrible at it, and at spelling too if it weren't for spell check I'd be sunk.