52 and looking for the solution

Greetings... 52yo Diagnosed w ADHD and have tried many meds... stimulants and nonstimulants. There has never been an "ahah moment". CBT has been suggested. From what I'm reading online, this is simply a method that will include lots of "to do" lists. And... I don't have the time to devote to a soft solution right now. The frustration of knowing the problem but not finding the solution that leads to the kind of enlightened life I read about in ADHD books actually contributes to my depression. Anyone out there find a medication or program that worked after many did not??

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  • Hi Sadly no I have not found the ahah moment yet. I too have depression and anxiety, alcohol problems, M.E and was diagnosed with ADHD privately approx 2 yrs ago - the NHS won't support the diagnosis - psychiatrist says it is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and to keep taking anti-depressants (which don't help) and to wait to get appointment with Psychologist (been waiting for months). A lot of the time I just feel exhausted, hopeless and I cannot look forward to anything. I was thinking of looking at clinical trials but don't have the oomph to organize it. I have tried Elvanse, Concerta and Methylphenidate and they seem to work for a short while and then seem to become innefective. I hope you find some answers soon.

  • Hi there. I feel your pain. I take medication for ADHD and I don't feel like it does much expect keep me from being over tired. I have tired several different types of ADHD medication and have never experienced that aha now I can think like a neurotypical person. I read others sharing this on different support groups and would really like to have this experience. I also suffer from anxiety and depression and feel like the high dosage of medication I take for this doesn't work that well either. It is rather frustrating.

  • Medication has only allowed me a maximum of 8 hours of focus in any day. Of course, I could take another dose, but I already have sleep issues. CBD oil didn't supply any noticeable help and, depending on what state you live in, cannabis is controversial (see leafly.com for the THC/CBD ratios of available strains). I have found great comfort from Beth Main’s e-mail newsletter—Beth Main, ADHD Solutions <beth@adhdsolutions.net>. And also Dr. Kari Miller’s videos (coping tips are backed my neuroscience—good brain knowledge and methods shared). There is an ADHD Expo beginning Oct. 1, 2017 with many videos of helpful tips. Unfortunately, it is hard to take the time to watch the videos. If you want to review later, that involves a cost. I simply don't have the resources to pay for all the good stuff out there, so I am working with as much free material as possible until I can afford better help. There is no instant fix. I think there is only learning to love/accept yourself, THEN work to learn the available methods, “life hacks”, etc. I recommend loving yourself as you ARE since you’ve already lived through so much without knowing your diagnosis. Diagnosed seven years ago, I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on and viewing as many webinars as I can. Slowly I am learning coping methods and self-acceptance. If toxic-shame is an issue, only self-LOVE will diminish it’s horrible presence. Please be extra nice to yourself. If I EVER find an ah-ha quick fix—I’ll share.

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