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Diagnosied with ADHD Male 25 India . Here to support and get support.


I am 25 years old male from India. Last week I visited the psychiatrist in my area and told him all the problems with my behaviour. That I used to forget things alott and alott. I have stressed life too. Then finally I was diagnosied with Adult ADHD.

I have accepted that I have this disorder. So here I am joining this community to explore this more. To support likewise people and to be guided by other members.

I have googled almost everything but I the personal experience will may create a difference that's what I believe So what can be done now ? What are the prevention steps ? And any other things that I need to know.

Thanks in advance. Any help would be appreciated.

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Adhd is not something that goes away but rather something that stays with you and almost becomes a part of you. But some of the most creative and successful people in the world have adhd and they use it to their advantage. Adhd is an amazing thing once you know how to harness it properly and get the most out of it instead of IT getting the most out of you. Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed and like the adhd is winning and just to let you know that it is normal and there are many ways of managing your adhd through therapy or medication or through both. Hope this helped

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