Hi sorry didn't say hi

Yeh I've found an ADHD forum.

What a relief 😀.

So hi I've adult ADHD and was diagnosed at 40 and I'm 47 in a few weeks.

Wow what an impact taking meds has been.mostly good for sure

So how is every ones Adhd today.

Weekends are my hardest as I have no structure.at weekends it feels as though my meds don't work and I'm having a real problem typing on my iPad. It's like my muscles are all tight and twitchy

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  • My adhd is alright today. It is a bit better but I feel a bit more restless today

  • Yer me to.

    I've settled down a little as found somet to do and had some more meds but just a little bit as it comes in capsules and I read you can split them and add it to soft food. It's all good though as it doesn't upset my colitis like Ritalin did

  • Are you on meds by any chance. ?

  • No my paediatritian suspects that I have adhd and I am going to get formally diagnosed soon.

  • That's wonderful.are you in uk or Usa ?

    When they formally diagnose you .you want to ask for behaviour therapy.if they put you on a stimulant ,life will change almost instantly.

    But remember as it changes so do you in a good way.be patient and work hard on ur self and you will be rewarded well.you will find that if they put you on a stimulant drug suddenly you will be able to have a very quiet brain.you will remember conversation and chatting to ppl will become so much easier.ive found that I can now take in so much information its mind blowing .i hope this helps you and gives you some hope..fire away with any questions you may wish to answer

    Have a great day 😇

  • Thank you sooo much. I will definitely ask for therapy as I need it to help put my life back on track. I just want to know what if I don't end up getting diagnosed with adhd. I have been feeling as if I have it for a couple of years and my doctor THINKS that there is a chance of me having it. But this feeling of uncertainty has made me delay things for a long time I am just worried.

    What could I Do?

    Thanks soo much

    Have a great day!!!

  • I live in the uk

  • Hi! Did your starting medication cause any anxiety? I tried Vyvanse and had the worst anxiety of my life... It was kind of a let down :(

  • That's what I've just started and no it didn't

  • It kinda does a little in the morning as it's takes a good hour to get working and makes you feel a little lethargic but after that it fires up just nicely. You have to give it at least a month. They start you on 30mg then after a week it's 50mg

  • Hi. Many aren't diagnosed until later in life but ADHD medication makes such a difference. Finally getting through the to do list - yah!