The creative ADHD brain

I didn't know I have ADHD until I was 49 years old. It explains a lot. Learning difficulties in particular. Yet for all the challenges, I kept finding solutions or work arounds. I put this down to the creative side of ADHD and use it to keep working towards my goals. It works like this for me: meet a problem and brainstorm solutions in writing. Take a step back before implementing and make sure to use my strengths.


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  • Hi Sarah,

    I agree with you. There are amazing and powerful ways people with ADHD can contribute to society, family etc where non-ADHDrs don't. We have had to adjust in ways no one would every have to and that gives us strengths we build through obstacles. I find peers with ADHD have the ability to see more facets to a problem and look for solutions others are oblivious too.

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