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The creative ADHD brain

I didn't know I have ADHD until I was 49 years old. It explains a lot. Learning difficulties in particular. Yet for all the challenges, I kept finding solutions or work arounds. I put this down to the creative side of ADHD and use it to keep working towards my goals. It works like this for me: meet a problem and brainstorm solutions in writing. Take a step back before implementing and make sure to use my strengths.

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Hi Sarah,

I agree with you. There are amazing and powerful ways people with ADHD can contribute to society, family etc where non-ADHDrs don't. We have had to adjust in ways no one would every have to and that gives us strengths we build through obstacles. I find peers with ADHD have the ability to see more facets to a problem and look for solutions others are oblivious too.


Would LOVE to see a study about how the ADHD adult brain works when solving problems. Several members from my family have Attention Deficit Disorder but we have also come up with many creative and innovative ideas. Our family owns/co-owns an absurd number of patents and I feel this has something to do with our ability to make connections between processes that others don't make and to find creative ways to solve problems.

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