Husband had ADHD

My spouse had ADHD diagnosed when he was in 4th grade..he is 31 now and is still struggling with his studies..i dont want to have kids with the same problem much percentage chances that our future kids will be affected with the same....cannot go through this problem again as i went through my husbands issues.. plz help!


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  • I think statistics put it near 40%? I have it, ADHD (hyperactive, impulsive type.) My son has combined. My 8 year old very ADHD little boy is my absolute joy and pleasure to parent. We are not our handicaps. :-)

  • I am really sorry i didnt mean it that way..i have actually been with my husband through his struggles for studies and other aspects of i am concerned for my future kids.. sorry if my question hurt you 😓

  • The odds are of your kids having some part of ADHD spectrum. The good news is that with experiences parents, far better resources and the law on your side, the level of peace, happiness and productivity increase any kid's chances on having a quality of life.

    My mom has ADHD. I have ADHD. My Daughter shows signs of ADHD. There are other gifts that can be nurtured.

  • On the up side if you do decide to have children, you will have a better idea of what your child will need because of your husband's journey.

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