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Methyphenidate vs LisDex?

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I have been on Elvanse/Vyvance at titrated settled does for about a year. My 20 ye old Uni student son is about to start Methylphenidate. Ringing round pharmacies hearing a lot about supply issues! Am wondering how often this is an issue for anyone who is taking this? Also we are both autistic so have concerns about a generic script, where supply issues could mean getting a different brand everytime! I don’t want him to end up not getting in as well with it some months due to sensitivities to differing ingredients. Have already emailed Consulant about possibility of Elvanse instead. Would value thoughts and direct experiences please 🙂

11 Replies
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We have moved away from from Methylphenidate, we were told there will be long term issued with his nationwide..Good luck

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Sabrousal in reply to Onthemove1971

To Non stimulates?

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Onthemove1971 in reply to Sabrousal

Nope just Methylphenidate and Adderall. The manufacturer is not able to keep up with the demand. I was told that COVID made.many more people seek help and there was.a huge increase in ADHD diagnosis and they all needed medication so there is not enough.

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It’s very unusual what’s happening with supply, and very stressful waiting for the next refill. That said, I hear it will be back to normal supply sometime this year. Also, we have seen no difference between generic and brand (except for the price!).

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99centss in reply to KMDO

There have been supply issues for at least 8 months and it's always going to be resolved "soon". I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that the DEA plus supply chain issues are making it hard to resolve supply chain issues and meet demand/need.

I have zero confidence in a short term solution.

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We've had more issues with Adderall than methylphenidate supply-wise (US). Also we definitely experienced big differences in methylphenidate based on the type of generic & our psychiatrist confirmed it was an issue.

My son just started on Vyvanse & it seemed great at first but now pretty much the same as the methylphenidate. (3 people in my house are on stims for ADHD!)

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my girls use methylphenidate, since Oct there have been supply issues! It is quite the pain, but I just call around to pharmacies and I have always been able to find one (close to us) that has it in stock for refill. Not ideal, but I've got it down pat now and make sure to call about a week before we run out of medicine to make sure there is enough time to get it.

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it happens at the end of every calendar year, because the FDA has a limit on the amount that manufactures are allowed to make. There was an increase in diagnosed ADHD patients, specifically adults last year, so the supply ran out sooner. Hoping they adjust for this year. However, our family did not actually experience any lapses in treatment because they were able to return the supply in between refills. Sometimes it’s not that bad. our back up plan if there is no methylphenidate available is to use Focalin instead.

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Onthemove1971 in reply to hudzyb

You guys are lucky. Here in CA we are unable to get out son's medicine and there is no sympathy for it. Our psychiatrist said change medications, no end in sight due to the DEA.

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I wasn't able to fill an adderall prescription for almost a week, and the pharmacy had no idea when more would come.

When we called around, other pharmacies told us things like "you're probably the 15th person to call today".

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Hi, just a note on generics. I found some info on Vyvanse/Elvanse -

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