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Update to behavior change

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Appointment went amazing. She took everything I talked about into consideration. We talked about different meds. So he is currently starting Guanfacine 1mg. He will take 1/4 of the tab once a day and if need to he can do a half tab if the 1/4 tab isn't enough or take it 2 times a day of 1/4 tab. He had a major meltdown in front of doctor but she reassured this is normal im here to help. Eventually he calmed down he just got really upset to hear he had to take another medicine and was nervous due to him having to swallow it and not puke or panic. Turns out he did amazing so super proud of that. Now I have to look for the side effects and jot down notes. If its to much or to little of dose. Did also talk about sending the meds to school as well when school does start. So she was happy to start medicine during the summer so he can get used to it. I appreciate the people I've been speaking to about all of this so thank you for reassurance and the support. 💜

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Yeah! What a great start. Our son has a 24 hour dose so he only takes Guanfacine when he wake up and goes to bed. No need school. Not sure how long it is expected to last. Hope all goes well and you see positive change.

Thanks for the update.

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