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ADHD meds stunt Growth

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It is such Missinformation to say that adhd meds do not stunt growth In some children.

More fake news

Mark Deegan

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Maybe some children but my two grandsons have been on medication since kindergarten and are both 6'2"

Medication has very little, if any effect on height for the majority of children. Repeated research shows some stimulant medications can slow down growth during a growth spurt for some children. It's not an overall effect. The height difference is less than one inch from excepted adult height. Parents and doctors will sometimes have a medication holiday during the summer months or winter break to allow for the growth spurt if there is a reason to be concerned for a specific child.

You can read more on this in the CHADD article below. I hope this helps and is reassuring.

Our son is 6 feet and Over 160 lbs. His doctors follow his growth and there has not been any issues.

Medications that suppress appetite have to be carefully monitored to make sure a healthy weight is maintained.

This is a safe place for parents to talk about things so please do not gaslight with with comments like “fake news”.

Thanks to KarenADHDweekly. My son, too has been on ADHD meds since second grade. He is now 16, is 6'2". That's taller than I am. Certainly lack of nutrition can affect growth so if your child isn't eating properly on meds, that could affect growth, but this is easily managed and many of us have posted on tips for getting children to eat even if appetite is suppressed. I have also posted (and will repeat) that for boys any issue with diminished appetite corrects itself since I have seen nothing which can compete with the appetite of a teenage boy.

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