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Hello, 15 Y/O son has been completely off medication and all supplements for about a year. His neurologist approved the decision. He's doing ok but needs some help. Will not go back on meds. Has anyone tried accentrate110 or any other natural supplements that help with focus and impulsivity?


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Go to a nutrition doctor their will help you with that . My kid is on supplements and he is doing great👍

Which supplements is your child on and what is the dosage?

Definitely fish oil, magnesium l- theronate

B complex Magnesium

Fish oil


The dosage you need to found in the labor or your nutrition dorcto because my kid has 6 years old.

Can you tell me more about the supplements you give your 6 yr old?

We have great success with Hardy Daily Essential Nutrients plus Omega 3s.

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hi was looking into this recommendation. how many capsules do you have to take daily for a child?

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It says 3 x4 capsules, and this is what we gave her without any problems for quite some time (after initially slowly moving up) but as my daughter is now in school during the day we give her 2 x 5. We figured 2 x 6 would be too much at once. When we started we could see a clear effect kicking in about three weeks after she was on the regular dosis. We once had to take her off for two weeks because the doctor had ordered blood test and wanted her to not take anything during that time - and her behaviour clearly got worse again during that time.

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