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Just getting started.

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Does anyone’s child see a therapist that assists with teaching your child techniques for organizing and prioritizing? My son just diagnosed with ADHD and not even given meds other than antidepressant is having a difficult time prioritizing life. Once on meds, does this just miraculously come into order or are there skills to be thought and by whom?

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These skills (executive function skills) must be learned because their brains are not developmentally mature enough to pick it up on their own. This is where many kids with ADHD fall short in school. They’re super smart kids, but just can’t get organized, manage their time, get started with assignments, see things through to completion, etc. Typically a kid with ADHD is about 3 years behind in this area. So my son who is 14, really behaves like he’s 11. It’s very important to keep this in mind so you don’t have expectations which your child is incapable of reaching. There are really great videos on YouTube by Dr. Russell Barkley, who is one of the top experts on ADHD. Personally I don’t have the tools or the knowledge to help my son learn these skills so I’ve been researching ADHD coaching.

Well, you can take help from social media fb/youtube videos to learn skill. But if you are looking for professional help then i can guide you in the right direction, as my cousin's daughter had took her treatment from this site, ezcareclinic.com/services/a... and now she is completely fine. And she know how to controll over your triggers and she is now able to manage her life easily with out any fear. They have professional team of therapist which taught you how to deal with the problems and help your children to learn skills ( functional&ADL).

You must consult a professional for therapy i am sure you will be satisfied.

Best of luck.

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