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Medication adjustment

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Hello, I am just wondering if any others have issues with medication needing adjustment?

My son is 11 and we have had to adjust the level and type of medication he takes on a regular basis. The medication seems to work for approximately a year and then it needs to be adjusted as it no longer works. I just don't know how long this can go on before we run out of options? And how good can this be for my boy?

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Some families on here have said that they use two different medication at the same time. Maybe that would help in your situation? Have you been to a psychiatrist? I think they know more about medication‘s and how they work together.

We are in the same boat, from my reading, it’s not uncommon for the brain to essentially adapt to that dose overtime by creating new receptors that clear dopamine. Hence, causing the need for a higher dose of stimulant . I have the exact same worries you have. What are we do when we run out of higher doses? We are close to the top of stimulant dose and also taking a low dose of guanfacine. Taking holiday breaks from the stimulant can help prolong the effectiveness. We have stopped giving it to him on the weekends and during school breaks.

My son had to adjust his medication when he was about 11, and we are now going through it again at age 14. I also wonder if it has something to do with puberty and hormones. Our doctor recently added 25 mg of straterra to his current 27 mg of concerta (with no change in dosage to the concerta.) We are almost at the end of week one of adding the straterra. The doc says it will take at least two weeks to see any changes. I know it is worrisome. Good luck on finding meds that work for your son.

Children are different than adults. They grow and gain weight. Medication dose needs to be adjusted to keep up with these changes.

My grandson was on one medication all through grade school which worked perfectly. Then in middle school it suddenly stopped. Had a hard time getting him stable again. He is now in high school on 3 different meds. Changing meds is awful!

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