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Diagnosis for ADHD

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Hey everyone! I have come to know about ADHD quite recently after I had some recent breakdowns because I couldn't do stuff that I really really needed to do. I always have been this way , always needing a deadline to get stuff done and not being able to do them whatsoever before that. Always had a sense of guilt about it too because i knew i could do way better. I'm a final year medical student in pakistan and I discussed this with my psychiatrist and psychologist but they seem to tell me that my inattention is because of my depression. Me on the other hand can remember being this way since childhood, not that I remember too much of it, I dont. But they won't even test me for ADHD and I think they're not even specialised in doing so.

I want to get tested with an ADHD specialist internationally but since I'm a student I can't afford the very high fees for the diagnosis. Any ideas where i can get a good specialist for adhd for an online consultation that is budget friendly?


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They are starting to do some tele-med here in the states but I have no idea who does it. Have you done an online search for services like that?

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Hey thank you for your replyI have looked online but the prices are way too high for me to afford rn

There are some new studies out finding antidepressants do indeed help adhd. Try researching some of those and address that with your doctors. The only idea I can think of here for budget friendly testing for yourself would be to look into research programs and volunteer to be guinia pig. Since you are in medical school, you could reach out to the Department Head of psychiatry and ask if their are any students wanting practice testing for adult adhd. Maybe you could be someone's project. I try to seek wisdom from my higher power when seeking guidance. I pray you find the answers you need.

Thank you for such a detailed replyI’ll look further into it :’))))

Try reaching out to these folks and ask them if they have a plan that can work with your budget. :) Good luck!

Link: e-psychiatry.com/intermedia...

Yeah, hello yes you can take a look here at this site for online Tests/Diagnosis ezcareclinic.com/adhd-onlin.... treatment ezcareclinic.com/services/a...

I am suggesting this to you because I have a personal experience with them. And this worked well for me. I am sure it will work for you too. I hope you find it budget-friendly. Hope for the best.

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