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ADHD assignment

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Dear members, I am a postgraduate student from Greece and as part of an assignment I would like to ask a member of the group a couple of questions. It will take you less than five minutes. Is any of you willing to answer? Thanks in advance.

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Did you want to Zoom with a parent since most of us are in the US? Or a phone call? Can you give us more information about what you are looking for? How will our answers be used?

Hope I can help..

thank you so much for the quick response. I am a postgraduate student and I study bioinformatics/neuroinformatics. I would like to ask only four short questions and the answers should be anonymous. There is no need for zoom or phone call. The answers can be written.

The questions are:

1. When and how were you diagnosed with ADHD?

2. What is your diagnosis?

3. How do you currently treat ADHD?

4. (and the most important question) How you think technology could help you diagnose or treat ADHD?

Thanks again,


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JJMom16 in reply to Danaed91

Suggestion: perhaps you could put together a survey monkey link to collect your responses?

I just need one answer that’s why I do not create a survey

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