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Sorry for my question, but I want to ask all of you if there is any natural Medicine for ADHD that we can get it over the counter?

Thank you

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There are over the counter products, like Brillia, and supplements, like Hardy Nutritionals Daily Essential Nutrients, that make claims to address ADHD symptoms. Some people have found success with these. The DEN supplements have actually been clinically studied for ADHD.

They are often not as effective as stimulant medications, like Ritalin or Adderall, though, at relieving symptoms.

There are no over the counter medications approved for the treatment of ADHD in children. The clinical study noted by JJMom was in the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

The study did NOT compare treatment of ADHD with medications to treatment with micronutrients. It compared treatment with micronutrients to NO TREATMENT at all for ADHD. However, as with most vitamins, the micronutrients did no harm (there were no side effects). Also, the children taking micronutrients (vs. placebo) grew, on average, 6mm more than the children with no treatment during the study (so our Moms were right that vitamins help us grow). Parents of the children overwhelmingly noted NO difference in ADHD symptoms with micronutrients but medical provider observation did find an improvement in ADHD symptoms with micronutrients vs. no treatment at all.

My own experience has been that medical providers may recommend a nontraditional treatment if traditional treatment options have been exhausted without success, but they are not recommended as a first line "treatment" in lieu of medication, life style modifications and reasonable accommodations at school (the three legged stool) which has resulted in successful management of ADHD for many of us. Good luck to you and your child.

I thought about doing the micronutrients but you have to give so many pills a day I felt it would not work for us. It is a fight for the couple of pills he does take.

My now 15 year old has struggled for years with ADHD and tried all the pills(meds) and at the end coffee is more effective then all. Before going to school I give him a cold coffee and pack a thermo with ice coffee for the middle of the day it worked just fine. Until one of the teachers found out he was bringing coffee to school and then we were told we were not able to do it unless I brought a prescription from the Dr. Ridiculous!

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