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Hi, has anyone used L-Theanine for their ADHD kiddo? If so, do you use it in place of medication?


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Hi there. Some have posted here about using L-Theonine (with or without melatonin) for assistance with sleep for adults. It is not approved as a treatment for ADHD in children. There are some studies showing that L-Theonine in combination with caffeine (but not alone) assisted with sustained attention, but from what I have found, the children who responded favorably to this combination also responded favorably to stimulant ADHD medications (so perhaps it's the caffeine and not the L-Theonine). If you find medical literature suggesting otherwise, I would be happy to read it. Since you are willing to give your child L-theonine, you seem to have no opposition to pills. Is it the cost of the ADHD meds which is causing you to look to L-theonine? Even without insurance, the cost of many ADHD meds when applying a discount such as GoodRx are comparable in price to L-theonine. With insurance, you may find the ADHD meds to actually be less expensive and, of course, the dosage and administration of prescription meds can be regulated by experts which has value of its own. Good luck to you.

Hi there. We tried l-theanine and a few other supplements under the guidance of a naturopath as a first line treatment for adhd and associated sleep issues, along with therapy. We didn't see much difference.

Medications (stimulants, SSRI, and Clonidine for sleep) have been the answer for us. Our son is a totally different child now! I was hesitant to start meds early (our son is now 5), but he is so much happier and more confident now. It has truly been worth it.

I had tried some l-theanine gummies for my som a couple years ago, but I had trouble finding one that weren't old and dried out. We didn't end up sticking with it. But I've seen the studies re theanine and caffeine, and it might be something we try again when he's a bit older. We're using Daily Essential Nutrients by Hardy Nutritionals at the moment. There are several other threads on that topic.

Our pharmamist (whose son was on same meds at time our ours) suggested we try one at lunchtime to help aid in my sons adhd meds wearing off (he was having trouble with focus and hyper) but we ended stopping it because our son ended up needing the non stimulant meds. He is now on Qelbree adhd meds and this one is the best for us so far. And we also begin behavior therapy in November as a family for our son. So many believe in this supplement but as always ask doctors first.

I also don't think it replaces ADHD meds. Our son is 7 and he takes something with caffeine and L Theanine in it that we got from the pediatrician. He is nearly 8 and we are discussing actual meds. They do help, but not in as significant amount as stimulants will.

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