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Where can I get my son tested for ADHD soon? He needs attention now!

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Hello parents!

Im a resident of Bergen county, NJ.

My child has not been tested for ADHD because his tests are scheduled for July 2022. I cannot wait that long. I need guidance of where to go, what therapist can start working with us while we wait for the tests. What are the steps I have to follow. If someone can help me out and to go I’m the right direction it would be fantastic and highly appreciated

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Not sure how old your child is but write an letter and submit it to the school requesting they assess your child fir ADHD. This is usually a medical diagnosis, but ADHD impacts learning. An educational plan really helps many children in school. There is a timeline, 60 days from when you submit the request. Good luck!

Thank you so much!

Bring any documents from doctors you have. Or ask for a letter to give the school. Good luck

We had our daughter diagnosed by a developmental pediatrician. Then we saw a neurologist to confirm findings. Once you have an iep meeting you should provide all the medical evaluations and fight for the services that you see fit for your child. Good luck!

My son’s pediatrician diagnosed him with ADHD Inattentive because he wasn’t hyper, he couldn’t focus and had problems with executive functioning. I hope you can get your son more quickly via his pediatrician.

I just recently went to Child Mind Institute with my 4.5 year old and have had a really good experience with the diagnostic process. I was in a similar situation with a timeline - we couldn't wait. Dr. Duarte is the person who we've been working with and it's a relief to be on a track to get my son the help he needs. childmind.org/bio/jeincy-du.... Best of luck to you and your family!

I was able to have my child referred to a psychologist. The psycholigist did the actual testing for him over a period of two days. My son's school also chose to test him as well prior to creating the IEP. I agree, if you don't have this, write the letter to the school addressed to the school counselor. Our school has a parent resource center. This may be available to you also. Lots of good information to help you understand an IEP and strategies to help your child.

Have you tried going through school for an evaluation? If not, can you try a different doctors office? Have you tried CHOP? They are amazing and, while it may take a few months, you will not wait that long! Definitely work with school while you wait.

We had a similar wait - it took us 9 months to get formal testing done by a Neuropsychologist. They are all absolutely swamped.

In the interim, our Pediatrician (who refused to prescribe meds for a child under 6 himself), referred us to a child Psychiatrist who was able to diagnose and prescribe meds very quickly.

We still did the full Neuropsych evaluation, but it was great to start working on meds as quickly as possible with the Psychiatrist.

Good luck!

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