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My son is hitting himself repeatedly

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Need help, we are in crisis. My son has episodes where he can't stop hitting himself. Has anyone found ways to get this to stop? We are still trying meds, but I need immediate solutions. Thanks.

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Welcome! We are glad you joined the group. So sorry your son is having this issue. One of the best thing that helped us when our son was young is knowing what sets off the behavior and modify things. So if you know he always does this when you tell him to get off an electronic device you can do things like only give him clear instructions and let him know the battery will run out and then have a second option for him, then quickly move him to the next option. Then explain we will do this now then do the other task. As he got older I would tell him, tomorrow there will be no electronics ( only when things are calm. I know it is hard but try to not react to the situation other than love and support.

Most children with ADHD are really helped with thearpy, medication and an educational plan ( not sure how old he is).

Thearpy for us was our son and myself together so we could discuss and learn how to modify his behavior.

I am also hoping you are working with a child psychiatrist, who is most qualified to help you.

Big.. big hugs for your struggles we are all here to support you.

Yes we have a psychiatrist and have also tried therapists but haven't found the right fit. He also just started OT, has a 504 plan and we've done lots of parent behavior training. Everything was being managed quite well before the middle of the summer. I'm now going to get him tested for Lyme and PANS because he was bit by a tick and things went downhill shortly after that. But your reminders about the transitions are helpful and that's what I've decided to work on - more smooth transitions to prevent meltdowns.

Thanks for responding.. I worried so much when my son was young. I know know it will not always be like this. With help it will get better. When it works it will work.Take care.

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