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Its one of Those DAYS :(

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Hi everyone,

I usually try to think very positive with my 16 year old son who has ADD but today has been a rough day! Its his second day of school....He was so excited to go back to school in person and today when we ask him how his day he keep saying its ok its ok but we knew it wasn't okay the way he sounded. I tried to talk to him more today and after a while I got an idea that his classmates were laughing at him since he don't do any sports, don't drive and don't have any job!!!!!!! He told me that next summer I am gonna get job and I want him to do so but not sure what he can do........He is so forgetful sometimes! I don't know anything anymore. He was SUCH A SWEET KID WHEN HE WAS YOUNG........He stays more quiet now and I have been seen him getting insulted in public and I don't know how many times it happen................Plaese send some advice and words of encouragement, if you can I am writing this post with tears in my eyes

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It is really hard when your child is different and kids pick up on that. My daughter had lots of depression in high school , covered her face with her hair half the time and wore the same sweater to school every day. Kids notice differences like that. She had a horrible high school experience.

Counseling may help him deal with that and learn social cues.

I would also talk to the school counselor if it continues. Is bullying is against the law.

Is it hurts to see your child suffering.

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Thank you so much!

Nanchli, the best is yet to come for you and your son. I would strongly recommend building his confidence any way you can. For my ADHD teen, it came when he started driving. He realized pretty quickly that he was good at it and he never stopped. I also recommend your son join a club or two at school or volunteer in your community. Most of all, you need to be positive as the parent. You can be sad and cry all you want when your child is away, but you need to be strong and positive for your child! You both can do it!

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THANK YOU...........................SO SO MUCH!

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