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Has anyone used on-line Tutoring?

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We have used companies like Kumon and Huntington and they have not worked in the past for a variety of reasons. They use their own curriculum, to many hours, very costly.

We are looking at on-line programs like Princeton Review or Chegg? We are looking for homework help and test taking reviews.

Any feedback would be great! I know many people could benefit from this type of service.



We decided to work with Varsity Tutors


I have been so impressed with them... from signing up. To picking tutors, to having out first session, then getting feedback from the Tutor. The tutor even gave our son strategies to check work.

So impressed!! I know how much this will help our son.

They said they had tutors to meet ours son's special needs.

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My sister found a local math tutor for my nephew through wyzant.com. It is a meeting ground for people who want to tutor and people looking for tutoring, so not really vetted by the company itself. That said, there are amazingly talented individuals on there, including the tutor my sister chose—a retired math teacher :)

Over the summer we used IdTech for online coding tutoring. They also offer tutoring in academic STEM subjects. Unlike Wyzant, the tutors are trained and vetted by IdTech. This option is a little costly though, in my opinion.

Love that the pandemic has at least opened up some new online doors for our kids when so much else has been made difficult!

Thanks.. our son works so much better for another person and we are really busy. I am waiting for his teacher to respond before we sign any contracts.

Will keep everyone updated.

Super happy its online and we can get help 24/7.

Our daughters are enrolled in Mathnasium via their zoom classes. Kids work at their own pace either in small breakout rooms or there’s a 1:1 option. We’re going 2 years strong with this membership ( Alittle costly but they really need the extra support ). We also have our daughters enrolled in outschool.com classes. So many classes to choose from and I find it to be reasonably priced.

Thanks so much! Since school is getting much harder we feel he needs a little extra support that we don't have the time to give while working more than full time.

The ones we are looking at also gave 24/7 options so weekend might be a good choice for us since our son plays sports in the evenings.

That is awesome! Thanks for the update 😊

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