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Help with medicine taking

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We struggle every morning to get our 5 year old son to take his medicine. We crush it up and put it in applesauce every morning and it is a battle. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get him to take it without it being WW3?

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Something yummy? Pudding, ice cream. I know its hard not to make it war. You could also reward him.. if he takes it x times he gets Y.

I will say it gets better with maturity.

Hang in there and try not to take it personally.

Good luck

Do you mind if I ask what your child is taking? I use to do the applesauce with mine but didn’t crush just one big spoon and all gone lol! Try a mini Oreo but don’t tell him it’s in there. Use to work like a charm. But yes it gets easier mine is now 13 and can swallow it.

Our son has always taken his pill with two gummy bears. Not sure why but it does the trick!

Our 5-yo takes his pill without a problem now, but it was a struggle for a while. We had to use an incentive ... money ($1), treats, etc. The one trick - it didn't work so well if we gave him the incentive after the medicine - we had to give it to him before. It's like the act of getting the reward calmed his brain enough to enable him to take the pill.

Some kids have a high gag reflex. I personally do and have a hard time swallowing one capsule still. Like the others said whatever works ice cream, whipped cream, yogurt bird. Something he really likes that'll slide down.

You can try giving him one spoonfill without 1st and then add the medicine to the 2nd.

How large is the pill? My 8 year old takes a small Focalin pill and I put it in a spoonful of Barlean’s Key Lime fish oil (it tastes so good and is good for their brains!). I then have him take a sip of liquid right after.

I feel you, this is an ongoing battle for us too. My daughter is 8. We crush hers up, put it in a cup & add about a teaspoon or two of water, then a few drops of water flavoring. Some days she still won't take it, but this has been the most consistent success we've had. She always notices it if I slip it into something on the sly. It really limits what medications we can try as it has to be crushable, and having to take more than one time a day is just not even an option. I saw someone's note about giving the incentive before, maybe that would work. In general she tends not to hold up her end of the deal if she gets the reward first. But I too am tired of these battles. Good luck!

Hi, we used to have that struggle so we switched to liquid. It’s a bit more work as it’s twice a day but so much easier to get him to take it and less fighting!

My 12 year old just started on Daytrana, a patch. It's eliminated struggles and seems to come up and taper much more smoothly than when I was crushing pills. He says he doesn't he notice feeling different though I can clearly see how much calmer he is.

Is it a tablet I assume. Even as adults patients don't like taking crushed meds in apple sauce. Lol. If it keeps being a major issue could try switching to a capsule type med that can be opened. I think there are two or three that are capsules that allow you to open and sprinkle on food. The new one Azstarys is little beads so no flavor could sprinkle in anything he eats in the morning.

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