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Vitamin B12

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Has anyone tried vitamin B12 with their ADHD child? I’m trying to do as much naturally to help my son as possible. He does take a short acting Focalin most days which also help. Other natural supplements we use are high EPA/DPA fish oil, Zahler’s CalmKids, Zahler’s Active Kid (not daily as he doesn’t like the taste), and zinc.

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I never noticed a difference, but I'm pretty sure the magnesium calm powder has all the B vitamins in it too? We are having some success with Hardy Nutritionals daily essential nutrients.

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Thanks for the reply! There’s only a small amount of Vitamin B12 in the Zahler products. Does your child swallow the Hardy Nutritional pills?

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He does! He really doesn't want to be on meds, so he figured it out.

My husband has ADHD and has found success with "Bacopa Moneri" it's an herbal supplement recommended by herbalist/MD Tierona Lowdog. Her child has ADHD and she swears by Bacopa

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Thank you!! I thought I had known about most natural treatments but have never heard of bacopa monnieri. I actually just ordered some after looking at some promising studies showing it helped the majority of children.

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