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Therapy for ADHD child

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Can anyone give me insight into where to look for therapy for child with ADHD (and dyslexia). I am willing to travel anywhere in the US if need be. I am specifically looking for someone (or a group) who can address my child's behavior issues/anxiety related to the ADHD, but also someone who can address her other learning disabilities. Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

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I've heard great things about a program called "Focus."

Dr. Amy Spoelstra,the creator of the program, has an office in North Idaho and has trained other doctors around the world.

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Thank you for the info! I'll look into that!

Where are you located? There are several places in Ohio I know of.

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I am in Texas, but I can travel (also, I have relatives in Ohio 😀)

For the dyslexia an Orton Gillingham tutor is helpful. Students with dyslexia need explicit, direct instruction in Phonemic Awareness and Phonics.

Hi!! Our daughter (undiagnosed dyslexic symptoms) enjoys multi sensory class on outschool for dyslexic students. Highly recommend. She joins 3 times a week for 50 min each. She is very picky and wouldn’t continue if she didn’t enjoy the class. We also find that cooking classes help address many of the symptoms of adhd that our daughter struggles with… working In a group, taking turns, listening and following instructions ( multi step instructions), be open to trying new foods, and best of all boosts confidence!

Hi Meadowlane5, can you be more specific about the outschool? We’re in California with dyslexia and the school isn’t addressing this specifically. Is this an online program that my daughter can join? Thanks

Hi,If you type in dyslexia on out search then many classes will come up. Offerings change weekly if not daily. Our daughter enjoys the multi sensory reading spelling and writing class. I do feel as though it has helped her with sounding out and spelling. The class is 50 minutes and I also feel as though it keeps her attention throughout. This site does offer Orton Gillian classes however we did not try.

Thanks Meadowlane5 🥰 I’ll look into All the best to you and the family!


Thanks for joining the group. Children with ADHD benefit greatly with having a number of tools: an educational plan, thearpy and medication.

The person that gave her the diagnosised should write you a letter to give the school. In this letter it should state what she will need. There are many accommodations that can help her. She will benefit from basic reading instruction, but also audio-books- ( having the computer read to her (text to speech), testing in a separate setting, extra time on tests.. I recommend looking on-line for all the accommodations ( especially for state testing). Most of these will help her with her ADHD also.

Once these are working for her she will find school a more accepting place.

There are many types of therapy and you may be able to find someone virtually to her her so you don't have to travel.

Here is a list of places in Texas:

It would also be if you could make sure that she can balance play/hobbies becuase school/life is hard.

Once you contact them, I would ask about thearpy and see what you can find. The internet has many resources that can help you.

Our door is always open for you, good luck in finding what she needs.

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