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Jornay PM?

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My 8.5 year old son's doctor spoke to us about switching his stimulant medication to Jornay PM. Has anyone had experience with this newer drug? Thank you!

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Our 10 year old has been on Jornay PM for about 2 years with great success. The best thing about it is that he takes it around 830pm, close to his bedtime. When he gets up the next day, meds have kicked in & we don’t have a lot of the struggles getting up & out like we used to with other drugs. It’s the closest thing to having a 24 hour med that we have used for him. No aggression or adverse reactions. We did have a little push back from BCBS to cover the new meds but that was 2 years ago. It is more common now. Overall we have been very happy with Jornay PM. We Haven’t heard anything negative about it.

My son is 8, he has been on Jornay now for close to a year. To us this is a Miracle Drug. He was having issues in school and all. We tried Adderall, Vyvanse, quilichew and some others and none have worked. He takes this med at 8pm and has had amazing results at school and home.

Like everyone else this drug was amazing for mornings. My son was 8 at the time. Our problem we noticed is that it was wearing off by noon because his body metabolizes so fast.

Our son is 9 and has been on Journay for about 3 months now. We had so many struggles in the morning because he would wake up crazy. We would RUSH every morning to get his meds in him so he could calm down before school. With Jornay he wakes up calm 95% of the times, and is good all throughout the day. Like with his other meds, it will wear off later in the afternoon but he does have a very fast metabolism. Overall we are happy with the Jornay. He is on the 80mg.

Many thanks for everyone’s helpful comments! Happy to hear it’s been successful for your children and no negative remarks. The mornings are hard for us and a major pressure point for our busy family. It would be great to get some relief!