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I have Adhd ☺️

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I have been diagnosed with ADHD for about a year now! I have had a lot of comments from different teachers before being diagnosed for my disruption to the class and constant fidgeting. When I suspected I had the condition I ordered myself somethings from amazon that might help. It was therapeutic mind putty. Some teachers were fine with me using it, as they knew that it improved my concentration. Others still didn't allow it. I used to get detentions almost daily. Once I was diagnosed however I remember one of the teachers who always used to comment on my and using putty. And I remember looking at her and saying that I was allowed to use it because I had been diagnosed. I still laugh at the look on her face!

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Good luck to you and it is nice to enjoy a small victory after all the stress. Try to learn to increase your control even in small ways. I have a 40 year old friend with severe hyperactivity but he is a carpenter and he gets jobs done quickly. He has learned to focus on his work and he makes good money. The problem is he won't sit down and relax. If he comes over the house he wants to fix everything he sees. It was nice the first time but it wears me out, LOL. You might try setting a timer and seeing if you can increase your focus a minute at a time. Best wishes.

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