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Guanfacine long term


Has anyone been on the SAME guanfacine dose for longer than one year? And still having success?

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My daughter was on 3 mg (up from 2) for about 2 years. But she grew a lot this summer and it seemed like it didn’t work as well. She jus switched back to clonodine ( 1 mg) a month ago and it seems to be working better. She is able to go to sleep at night and a bit calmer during the day.

We had to up the dose to 2mg after about 2 years. My son stayed at 1 mg for a long time but after a significant growth, it was not working anymore. He is 9.

Thanks guys. We met with our new psychiatrist yesterday who said that within a year most parents end up maxxing out the guanfacine dose, and it’s no longer very helpful, as the body naturally ends up compensating for the increase.

She might have exaggerated with the timeline, but I don’t doubt the “maxxing out due to compensation part” we had to up our dose after merely 2 months. I’ve also talked to loads of parents with the same problem.

We have been on 2mg and our son is 14 years old, we have not increased it and he takes a 24 hour dose at night. Part of the magic that keeps him so regulated.

It has been a few years now.

We are having the same issue after just 4 months on 1mg. What did the psychiatrist recommend?

Krispies99 in reply to Learning2

She was just warning me that I probably won’t find guanfacine helpful long term, that it’s only temporarily helpful.

Nats2005 in reply to Learning2

We didn't see much effect with our 5-year old son (who's about 48 pounds) at either 1mg or 2mg. It took 3mg given around 4pm to get some of the calming effects, especially at dinner and bedtime, that we were looking for.

Two of my children have been using 2mg Guanfacine for over 2 years.

It still functions for them.

We were told if they have increased weight gain at some point it will no longer be effective.

My son has been on 1 mg for a while seems good

On 2mg for a couple of years. Tried to go up to 3mg because ADHD seemed a little out of control but got so angry on that dose. Went back to 2mg. Growing older has helped some.

My son (9 years old) has been taking the same dose (1 mg morning/1 mg night) for over one year. He has other issues with nightmares and anxiety so he also takes Risperidone and Zoloft. I don't want to increase the Tenex or anything else, but we may need to at some point. Psychiatrist did recommend increasing at night to assist with some sleep issues.

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