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Seeing results?


After an increase in guanfacine, how many days/weeks before you saw the positive effects? We will be going from 1mg to 2mg.

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2 weeks after the dose increase. We have seen the best results at 3mg

Thank you so much! We are having some big behaviors again, it’s like he became immune to the 1mg dose.

jem83 in reply to Krispies99

We are having the same issue! 2mg just kind of stopped working a few days ago. So frustrating, after pretty good results for a month or two. I am going to call my son’s doctor and see about increasing the dose, but wonder is 3mg a lot for a 7 year old?

Krispies99 in reply to jem83

Mine is only 5 yrs old.

jem83 in reply to Krispies99

Please keep me posted and I will do the same. Good luck!

Krispies99 in reply to jem83

I definitely will!

Canadianmum in reply to jem83

Intuniv dosage is more weight related than stimulants. My daughter is 6 and 60lbs, 3mg isn near the top of the dose per kg range.

Can you tell me how much a 42 lbs child would typically take?

The high end is 0.12mg/kg of body weight. 42 lbs = 19 kg, so about 2.3 mg. You could probably go as high as 3.

Thank you!

Nats2005 in reply to Canadianmum

I agree with the other commenters, we didn't start seeing a clear improvement until we went to 3 mg. Even there, it sometimes seems to take a couple of hours for the level of impulsivity to reduce.

Our son is 5 years old and just short of 50 lbs.

Krispies99 in reply to Nats2005

Does he have constipation on 3mg?

Nats2005 in reply to Krispies99

We didn't see any issues.

We went through about 2 weeks of constipation, used dulcolax once or twice and equal parts prune nectar/apple juice. It resolved itself but it was tough when she went through the constipation. She has been on 3 mg for months now and is very stable on it with no side effects.

My son increased from 1 mg to 4 mg over a number of months. Never had positive effects for him. Just sedated him, and masked his rage. Best results for him were with broad spectrum micronutrients.

We went from 1 to 2 mg too last year. It took about a week to see a change. It made him tired at first but then he was back to normal.

Oddly enough when we jumped from 1 to 2 yesterday, he wasn’t tired!

Strike that, he’s tired today.

Maybe he will need more, every kid is different. Did he grow up a lot? That alone can affect the dosage needed.

For my son the sleepiness of switching to 2mg wore off after a week or so. This discussion about dosage/age/weight is so helpful. My son is 7 years, 50 pounds. I am waiting to see if the dr will raise him from 2 to 3mg. But I am also worried that if the positive effects of 2mg have worn off after barely a month, how long before they wear off again? It’s a little heartbreaking to see the backsliding...

Krispies99 in reply to jem83

I’m worried about that too, it losing its effectiveness. Especially because the limit is 4mg.

I hear you. Did you pursue strattera? Or put that on hold? Maybe it could be a next stop if Intuniv loses effectiveness

Krispies99 in reply to jem83

We started Strattera on 9.9, having it compounded to liquid.

Psychiatrist says don’t expect to see results for a month at least.

jem83 in reply to Krispies99

I didn’t realize they could be taken in tandem. Good to know.

Just curious, what time of day does he take it and how long is the dose?

Is he taking anything other prescribed medication to decrease the symptoms of ADHD?

We take 1mg short acting guanfacine at 6:30am and 1:30pm, and 10mg Strattera.

He metabolizes the guanfacine quickly, I found 7 hrs between doses works well.

Have you considered.your child seeing a psychiatrist? They specialize in managing medication and the symptoms of ADHD.

We did not see a difference with out child while seeing a pediatrician. Once we got to a psychiatrist our lives changed.

We have a psychiatrist 👍

Great, just keep in communication with them and change it when things are not working.

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