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I am just taking a poll!

As far as sports, did you notice your child gravitated to any particular one? Maybe one where there was constant action with no “waiting around”?

We are at the age where we are trying lots of different sports to see what he likes. I am just wondering if ADHD kids maybe favor certain sports because of the way they are designed. Just curious if lots of you guys might have kids into the same sport!

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oldestnewest daughter is 11yrs and has a passion for gymnastics! She is very active and a bit of a daredevil so she loves all the jumping and flipping! She spends half her life doing handstands (even while doing homework). It is the perfect sport for her and a great outlet to release all that energy! We tried soccer, softball, and dance but they were all too slow paced for her.

The only sport my guy enjoyed was climbing trees and riding a bike!

The other hand he has artistic abilities with music and drawing

My son was bored with baseball, but loved soccer and played for years. In fact, he started working as a soccer ref when he was 13 and has continued to ref as a part-time job. He started with grade school games and now refs high school and college. It's a great sport for AHDH kids because they burn off lots of energy. We also put him in tae kwon do and he did that through high school. Golf was too slow for him and tennis was too tedious, but he still plays soccer on adult leagues!

This is a great question... even more intriguing is do children with ADHD like more individual or group sports.

If they tend to have peer/social issues, one would think they would like or do better in individual sports like TaeKwanDo or swimming etc.

Our son is 13 years old and he has been doing Lacrosse for almost 6 years ( travel and city) and he has done Tae Kwan Do since he was 4 years old. If we allowed it he would want to also play basketball. He is very athletic. It is the only way we balance school.

Both my husband ( who play in college) and I played sports in high school.

My son loves football and basketball. Baseball is terrible for ADD too much standing around on the field. I thought soccer was a good sport but he didn’t really care for it.

running has been the only thing ds is passionate about in sport.

Oddly enough, our 10 YO LOVES baseball, despite the standing around. He also plays basketball and does mountain biking. He did karate from about age 5 to 9. When he turned 9 though, I made the mistake of asking him whether he would like to continue and he decided not to. It was disappointing because I thought it was really good for him. He also loves art and music. It's a good mix of team and solo activities.

My son told me after playing soccer in 1st grade that it made him feel bad about himself. He’s not a naturally gifted athlete, and compares himself to the other kids. We put him in hockey and he loves it. He’s not the best player on the team, but he works hard and is an amazing teammate. Because hockey is not a common sport here in CA, it gives him social confidence and a sense of differentiation at school. He needs the physical outlet. Hockey has been such a great experience for him.

I've wondered about sports for my kid as well -- he's 7. He's been playing soccer for a while and says he likes it, but when we're at practice he can't always focus on the directions and therefore doesn't know what to do in the drills. He wants to mess around with the other kids. He also tends to mess with the other kids while sitting on the bench at games. He will only practice during official practices and not at home though so I keep wondering how many more seasons I should sign him up for until we just stop because he's so behind the other kids skills wise.

Both my grandsons were in taekwondo for years at the suggestion of one of their teachers. She said it was a sport that helped with focus and they both were able to achieve black belts.

Luckily the school was run by 2 teachers who were very good at dealing with special Ed kids. I don't know if they could have handled the traditional strict Asian teacher.

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At what age did they start Taekwondo?

1 was 5 the other was 7. The younger one is the more unstable of the two and it took him much longer to learn his forms.

He used to have panic attacks but the teacher would let him be a helper until he would pull himself together. You need someone who is good with special needs kids.

We tried T ball when the older one was 5 but he just couldn't concentrate and all he did was get yelled at by the coach. Not a great experience.

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Thank you!

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