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Started Guanfacine(Intuniv)

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Just an update. My 7y/o boy has been diagnosed for about 6 months, although I have always suspected. This year in 1st grade was the first time it has caused him to fall behind academically. This prompted the search for diagnosis and treatment. He has been working with a therapist, and has an SAP at school which includes implementing breaks and other accommodations. We have been trying out some stimulants and landed on Adderall 10mg, but he still was having trouble most days with outburst, impulsivity, and irritability. About a week ago we started 1mg guanfacine and so far so good! It seems to really calm him down and take the edge off. He's able to handle things without getting so upset. He's only had 1 "hard" day since he's been on it just over a week. But, this week is spring break so he's not in class, but still attending an in school CLC program. I'm very optimistic with this new addition to his stimulant. Just wanted to share my results in case anyone is looking at adding this med. :) It's great to not have the daily negative feedback from school. Such a relief for me and I'm sure for him as well. Finally he can feel good about his days. Also, I would note we are giving in the evening after school, it does make him a little tired so it works well with our sleep schedule. Also to counteract the "crash" from the stimulant.

14 Replies
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Hi, thank you for posting this!! I am hoping we will start Intuniv soon for similar reasons. May I ask what time you give the Intuniv in the evening?

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momof7yoboy in reply to Canadianmum

Yes, we usually try to give it when we get home from after school care so it's about 6pm. It seems to last 24hrs in my opinion. I haven't seen it "wear off". So it's worked well for us.

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gyourse in reply to momof7yoboy

Is he sleepy at school at all?

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Thanks for sharing. I’m looking at Guanfacine alongside methylphenidate for myself after discussion with my psychiatrist. Think it would also benefit both of my daughters so good to hear your experience

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Thank you so much for sharing your positive experience with us. Keep us posted on how things are going for him.

Thanks again! Someone will learn from this.

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My grandsons are also on in tune of in addition to would stabilizers and it has been a huge improvement. They take theirs in the morning with no side effects.

One is doing better in school than he has done the last 8 years.

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Thank you for sharing this. We've started it as well in addition to the Concerta my son (10 year old) was already on. We have been giving it at night too. We feel it has helped to smooth the morning chaos a bit and he's had a good week in school as well. Fingers crossed...

Thank you for posting this.

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Thanks for the feedback! My son is older and has been on stimulants for several years. He's not gaining weight recently so we are decreasing the stimulant and adding this. Fingers crossed it works for him!

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Glad to hear that combination is working for you. Our son is on the same mix but we're not seeing much effect from the Intuniv. We have an appointment with our psychiatrist this week and are hoping she will agree to go to 2 mg on the Intuniv. (Also possibly going up the next step on the Adderall, we've seen some benefit but think he needs a higher dose as well.)

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I’ve also had great results with intuniv 1 mg before bed helps with anxiety

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Thanks! Guanfacine has had similar effects for our daughter. It’s been a great addition to her stimulant. It’s made her more thoughtful, polite, calm, flexible, and less prone to outbursts.

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I read that intuniv should not be taken with a high fat meal. We eat pretty healthy, but what would be considered high fat? Does that just mean avoid fast food and fried food?

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Medicine can do wonders but know the side effects too. Besides the medicine, what do you have in place in your home and what are the teachers doing at school to accommodate your child. All of this plays into your childs well being.

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