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Hardy Micronutrients

Hello-I just learned about mirconutrients. I am interested stimulant meds, and. I have been trying t get my ADD/ODD/depressed teen to take them but she is so resistant and refuses. I wondered if maybe we could start with micronutrients as they might be less stigmatizing. She is so treatment-resistant. How may pills do you need to take per day? Do they work?

Any information would be appreciated.

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Can you find someone who could "mentor" her and help discuss what they have been through? Someone who also has ADHD. Good luck!


Thanks for your reply. She is so closed, she insists to everyone, 7 years after diagnosis, that she doesn't have ADHD. And this while basically anyone she comes across can diagnosis her as such. Her ODD makes managing her ADHD seem like an impossible task.


I love talking about micronutrients!!!!!!!! I think they are worth everyone trying! There are two companies...Hardy Nutritionals and True Hope. The customer service representatives are able to answer questions for you. My son takes the Hardy DEN. He was on stimulants when we started and has been weaned off. We worked with our psychiatrist who gave us a different dosage to start. He started with one pill twice per day then increased to two pills twice per day. We noticed a real change when he reached two pills three times per day. A full dose with Hardy DEN is four pills three times per day. The dosing with True Hope is different. My friend’s son is using that brand and it is three pills twice per day. Dosage of both can vary based on need. Having a psychiatrist work with you would be awesome! Sending you lots of support and best wishes!!!!


Hi there! I am also interested in micronutrients. I’m curious what types of conditions or behaviors you saw changed on micronutrients. As you know every kid with adhd has varying symptoms and degrees. We struggle with our kid’s lack of impulse control, loudness, and inappropriate behaviors in certain settings.


For our son, he exhibited a lot of aggression, irritability, some depressive symptoms, oppositional behavior, hyperactivity, inattention. The most improvement was seen with the first four . He is still retry hyperactive and inattentive, but micronutrients also continue to improve things over time. The major problems we were experiencing have dramatically improved. I think they are worth looking into for any family. Knowledge is power, and we need all we can get for our kids. Please feel free to contact me if you have more questions!!!

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They are pretty big, my 5 year old has tried and tried but cant get them down. I say it's worth a try


Hardy DEN does come in loose powder form in case you want to try it.


They said the taste was pretty bad and to try opening the capsules first. He will swallow pills just fine but I'm having a hard time hiding the powder. He's so close to swallowing them. Maybe we'll just keep trying


My daughter had a rough time swallowing pills we watched a video and started with tic tacs and went up


My 8-year-old just started participating in a study through Oregon Health Sciences University (we live in Portland). The study is being sponsored by Hardy Nutritionals. We just started last week and she takes 3 pills 3 times a day. So far she hasn’t had a problem swallowing them. I don’t know if she has the placebo or not, but at the end of 8 weeks she will get the actual micronutrients. If anyone else is in the Portland area and has a kid under 12 you should consider signing up for the study. It’s called the MADDY study. I’ll let you know if the pills work. Good luck!


Hello! I have run the gamut on both!

I have one teen son on a cocktail of stimulants/non-stimulates and a series of vitamins from Biotics Research. He struggles with ADHD/Anxiety and has impulsivity issues....But with this concoction he manages all this pretty well.

My other son is 9 and I have him taking a different route ...he takes the Hardy’s micronutrients...He struggles with ADHD as well, but also has dyslexia and dysgraphia. For some reason the micronutrients worked better with him.

Trust me, I went the traditional pharmaceutical route first, but it wasn’t really making a difference.

Also...I top off both kiddos daily with a premium dose of omegas! That’s important..

With everyone’s chemistry being different...everyone’s cocktail will probably be as well.

I also started my boys EXTREMELY early in life taking vitamins so they’re use to it...it’s part of our daily ritual.

The way our Psych explained it to my son and I (when my oldest son was just 6 and I was scared to death to give him any prescription meds) was....

If my son were to be diagnosed with diabetes... he would have to take medication and/or vitamins, eat well n’ exercise in order to mentally and physically stay healthy to live a good productive life. He said having ADHD is pretty much the same route. Then he wrote me a prescription...and told me not to be scared anymore...lol!

Those words resonated with me 100%! Haven’t been worried since....

I wish you the best of luck..


I am a Registered Dietitian and I specialize in the mental health population. I highly recommend you get a lab test to see which nutrients your child may be deficient in. I also highly recommend an Omega 3 supplement. My son was just diagnosed with ADHD and this is a route I am also going to take.


Do you have a certain omega 3 that you recommend?


I just started using Nordic Naturals.

Nordic Naturals Children's DHA Xtra - Potent Omega 3 Formula with Twice The DHA for Kid's Cognitive Development, Learning and Mood, Berry Punch, Softgel - 90 Count



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