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Repeating Kindergarten & outside services.

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We have a 6 year old grandson who didn’t get a formal diagnosis or even get started trying medication till half way or more through the school year. He is immature compared to most the children in his class as well as now probably a half year behind he had test done and the only thing they comeback with was had high ADHD as far as his IQ was in normal limits but more towards the bottom. They said they were some what surprised it was that high because his ADHD was really bad. I see where people post about 504 plans what does that do for the child? Also has anyone ever used outside services like a learning center or tutor to try and close the gap? Or any other advice?

8 Replies
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Hi! A 504 is contracted accomodations for the teacher to follow for the current school year. Things you would select that would be beneficial to him such as sitting in the front, getting up and taking a lap around the school every couple hours, homework or test adjustments. The hard part is knowing what accomodations will help! I felt so lost the first few years of school not knowing what to ask for (I actually still do a lot of the time!) .

An IEP is set in place long term, and will follow the child year to year. An assessment is done to find particular areas of weakness, and tangible goals are set to reach by the end of a school year. It qualifies them for help from special education services such as resource teachers/smaller group work on a subject they're struggling with. Though the IEP stays in place, each year new goals are set.

With all that being said, Im not sure where your grandson falls on the age spectrum for kindergarten, but I think it would have served my son much better to have repeated kindergarten. And I kind of wish he did. It gets harder to consider as they get older.

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Thanks for the information he will definitely he ahead of the game at the beginning of the year but I feel like he needs the last part again and I just think a full year of not struggling will be great confidence booster and hopefully he will become a leader. It may just be wishful thinking. Have you tried any type of outside source as for as helping with education? I am curious if it truly helps or not really worth the money spent on it?

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Erick182- love the way you described the educational plans, I just wanted to add that an IEP is "reassessed" every 3 years to determine eligible. The IEP is based on IDEA and the 504 is from the Rehab. Act of 1973, both are federal laws which support children with issues that impact education and or their ability to learn (IEP).

Hope this helps. If you get either plan they will be designed to fix that child's educational needs. If your grandson struggles with social emotional issues or academic these can be addressed in the plan. What is put in the plan can help him by putting him on the same level as other kids.

When school gets more challanging he will need more support ( middle school). The person writing the plan should discuss how he could benefit from services.

Yes we have done a number of tutoring programs ( Kumon and Huntington learning center) we did find them working for us. They are very very expensive and we didn't see a lot of change and there was extra work every week.

Ask the school our tutoring. I would also make sure his issues are not due to behavior. I would ask why he is not doing well.

Hope this helps you. Is the seeing a counselor?

Take care

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Outside help can’t hurt. We hired a high school student to come in and help our daughter two afternoons per week. It was a great idea in theory but our daughter ended up running the show. It ended up not being as helpful as we would have liked. In the book, Taking Charge of ADHD (which I highly recommend), I learned about Khan Academy. It is a free online program that your child can use like a tutor. One of the great features is that it introduces computer coding early. Coding is great for these kids because it engages their active minds. Most of your great tech people have ADHD. If you have agreed to another year of kindergarten, it’s probably time to take some demands to your child’s school to ensure success for next year. Ask how much continuing education your child’s teacher has had in ADHD. Look at the educational recommendations in the book I referenced above. If you’re going to ask for a 504, have some specific things in mind to ask for. Again, there are ideas in the book. Good luck to you and your son. My ADHD child was my third. You have to be much more active in advocating for these kids than you do typical children.

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BaylorFan in reply to Kd1970

Thank you I will definitely go get the book as well as checking into the online program.

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Like "A 504 accomodations for the teacher to follow for the current school year.

*sitting in the front *extra time for work or test *sitting alone in another room for testing.

IEP is specifically design for your ADHD child needs, it follows thru out your kids school years."

ADHD is a cognitive issue, retaining memory and following steps through 1, 2, 3.

Cognition can be defined as gaining knowledge and comprehension, including thinking, knowing, remembering, judging and problem solving.

ADHD does not need tutoring they need help in cognitive issues and brain training. I am planning to take my son into a brain training center to help retrain his mind.

Please educate yourself so you can be the best advocate for this child :)

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I've never heard a parent or caregiver say that they regret giving the gift of an extra year in kinder (or anywhere in elementary). Our son did a Young 5s program before kinder. He's on the older end of his grade now, but I don't regret it at all!

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We put our son (ADHD Combined Type & ODD) through a second year of kinder. He is an August birthday, so it worked anyway, and we are not regretting this decision. He is going to be much, much more confident going into 1st grade next year. His ADHD gives him enough disadvantage, so we figured the additional year of K would be beneficial to his academics. We did switch elementary schools though, so he did not repeat K with the same kids.

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