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Supplements for ADHD?

Hi everyone, my 6 yo has just been diagnosed with adhd. We are starting Guanfacine and have been recommended omega-3 fish oil. I’m seeing a lot of varying recommendations on the internet for potency - does anyone have perspectives on what potency / ratio of the 3 / 6 in the fish oil is recommended? Thanks a ton.

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Haven't tried much in the way of supplements yet with our 2e (twice exceptional, ADHD, ODD) 13 yr old son. However, here are some links to other posts with replies on the topic. The first group of links are posts that mention fish oil (I usually put the number of replies for a specific post but didn't have time on this grouping). Second group is related to supplements in general. Hope that sheds some light in addition to any new responses here. All the best.

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thank you. I was searching from my phone and didn't see these threads. Appreciate it!


I've heard a lot about Omega 3 and other supplements as well. As my child is picky eating and I understand that he is not consuming all the nutrients soon we will be testing supplements. I understand that being natural would not be bad to try. Here I share a site that I found recently that provides good information about it.

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Thanks so much


Hi! I just picked this up today to try. For children they recommend a total of 1000 mg of the EPA PLUS DHA (add the 2 together). Look on the back of the bottle to see how much is in there. I got the GNC Triple strength fish oil mini’s. 2 mini’s has the epa/dha total of 1000 mg.


My 9 yr old son is on Guafacine, and a stimulant. But before he started on those a couple of months ago (I simply had not filled the prescriptions yet) the specialist we go to recommended he immediately start on a prescription only concentrated fish oil made from Krill. She said it is very helpful for brain development. She is a highly respected neuropsychologist.

The brand name is Vayarin and the label says "Medical Food for ADHA management'.

He does not like swallowing the type of capsules it comes in, so I put it in a morning smoothy. He did not know he was taking it. I had little or no expectation of any result, or at least no expectation of a short term effect, but his behavior really improved. He said one morning "I feel SO much better".


interesting. I wonder if it helps with adults w/Adhd as well.


We just started Vayarin as well - thankfully my son is able to swallow the capsule (hated the tasted of it mixed in), so keeping my fingers crossed that it helps his behavior. We also started guanfacine and will be evaluating layering on a stimulant shortly.


We have our 7-year old son on an Omega 3 supplement and our brand is Omega Brite. He was on this first before we tried stimulant meds. Interestingly our sons potty issues stopped on the Omega Brite and it's hard to describe but his emotions were softened a little. It's like the Omega rounded the sharp edges. But we still needed the stimulant to really address the inattentiveness and impulsivity. Our doctor told us that the way the omega/fish oil is manufactured is critical so that the brain benefit is not diminished in the manufacturing process. He put it this way - if you catch a fresh salmon in Alaska and eat it fresh right away- you'd get the brain and heart benefits. But if you have leftovers and put in the fridge and eat the next day...the beneficial brain impact dissipated but the heart health benefit is still there. It's important that the omega is manufactured in an anaerobic (no exposure to oxygen) environment to reserve the active brain component. Hope that makes sense! Not all fish oil is equal!


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