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Phone Apps

Has anyone had success with using a reminder App? This was suggested by our therapist so my son can write down his school assignments. He's constantly forgetting something and not turning things in and then he gets an F.

Please help..

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Oh, crap, right? This happens on a regular basis with us. "What is the first thing you are going to do this morning" "Turn my homework in" end of day: "Did you turn your homework in?" Eyes welling up "I forgot, I'm sorry" OR "I think I lost it."

Well, I took my child's phone away, but we did try it before. It didn't help us because she would just silent the alarm thingy and then forget again. I insisted that she have a an accommodation in her IEP where I could scan the homework and send it in and also an accommodation where the teacher will send me the homework via email. We also have extra time for homework IF NEEDED. HOWEVER, she does not know that she has these accommodations. Just this week, I contacted her Special Ed teacher to go check and make sure the homework was turned in today and she did turn it in. I really don't have a good answer for this except for my desperate attempt to help her while trying to get her to learn Executive Skill.

It's like, c'mon kid you NEED the homework points because we ALSO have trouble testing and with projects....*cue to me banging my head on my desk*

I fell you Move, I feel you.


Thanks.. we are trying one next week I will let you know. I really am.of the opinion that I am not going to help "hand" in his homework especially of he is college bound and can do it.

I will let you guys know what we find

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I know! it's the hardest thing!


I did just research this as mine is in 6th, but will soon have 7 different classes and assignments to keep track of. She can barely remember to ask about one assignment now, ugh ugh. Anyway..."my study life" got good reviews. There's always Google Keep, that u can tie to the calendar. I use this combo for managing my life.


Wow, your the best! Yes middle school is terriable. I am hoping to just hurry to high school. They are on a block schedule so only 4 classes.

Thanks again


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