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My 5 year old son is hyperactive

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My 5 year old son is hyperactive and roams here and there all the time.. He doesn't listen what others say.. He hits, snatches things from others.. Although he understands everything but doesn't think before doing any work.. How to tackle him.. Plz suggest

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Ritugupta- welcome to the group. Has your son been assessed for ADHD? These are classic signs of having an impulse control issue. If you have not had an assessment, please do that as soon as you can. You could start with a behavior therapist to help you and he learn how to change this type of behavior. Then once the assessment is done you can think of other Avenues to help.

Best of luck


Yes he has been diagnosed with Adhd.. And he is going for therapies.. But I didn't see any difference... What should I do to teach him how to behave and sit properly

When I was in your shoes with our son who is now 12 years old I knew that we needed to start medication. Once he got the medication many of the symptoms went away, but he still had his personality. We still work on these skills but we don't need to as much.

Best of luck with your son.

Which medicines you are giving?? I am worried about him. His impulsive and arrogant behavior makes me worried.. Also he never follows instructions.. We punish him almost every day for not listening and sitting.. What should I do..

A child psychiatric is who you should see and they will talk with you about the many options of medications, let them make recommendations to you.

What my son takes is specifically designed for him..

Please act quick as time goes quickly and you don't want things getting worse. The Psychiatric will guide you and adjust along the way.

Is ur son fine now?? Does he behave properly?? What about his understanding level?? What about his thinking skills?? My son never thinks before doing any work.. And he never listens

Our son still has ADHD... Yes medications many things better, but they on control %60 of his behaviors and he can still act bad and do things the should. We go to counseling and deal day by day. Our son is not going to be normal and I have to learn to deal with that.

Don't say like this.. Don't loose ur heart.. He would be fine soon.. People like you give me hope.. Is he still hyperactive?? Does he think before doing any work?? Does he listen what you say?? Is he behaves properly in school??

With proper medication no he is not hyperactive ( yes he has lots more energy than the normal child- but the medication calms him down). Yes he listens ( but he still gets focused on something and doean't come right away, but much better on medication).

There is a night and day difference between on and off medication. Without it he would not foundation well.

Yes he behaves "better", but he is still not able to make all of the proper choices. I still remind him to focus every day.

He still has ADHD.. but so more improved.

My son is very moody.. He can't differentiate what is good for him or what is bad for him.. He also becomes arrogant for silly things.. He hits everyone, he snatches things, in all his behavior is very bad.. He keeps on running here and there all the day with listening what others are saying..

Hello, start by having a psychologist evaluate him for ADHD. The symptoms can be managed with behavior therapy, diet modification, physical activity and supplements. If none of these things help, you can try a medication trial. I think this would help your son.

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Ritugupta in reply to Janice_H

I am scared of giving medicines due to their side effects.. He is going for therapies but not regularly.. The place where I live don't have facility for therapies.. Which diet I should follow?? My son knows everything but doesn't follow only.. Is this Adhd symptom?? Plz suggest.. Will medication will help him or not??

I was also scared to give my son medication. It took me 8 months to finally make that decision, and still trying to come to terms with it. It has helped my son for sure, but it has suppressed his appetite. My next step is to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist to find a medication that works best for him. Good luck and hang in there .

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Janice_H in reply to Ritugupta

Yes, medication will help him for sure. There will be some side effects that his body will eventually adjust to. Also remember the first one may not be the right one and it can be changed. It took 5 different medicines before we found the right one for my son.

It can be so exhausting having a child with ADHD and all of the associated behaviors. I am glad that you have a current diagnosis, but keep in mind that there is an overlap between ADHD and other types of disorders. Have you considered a 2nd opinion? If you feel that the ADHD diagnosis is accurate, studies have found that a combination of medication and behavior modification works best. I know how difficult it may be to consider medication, but I encourage you to educate yourself more before making a final decision. In terms of behavior modification, have you considered working with a behavior therapist or specialist. Something to keep in mind... positive reinforcement is more effective than punishment. Try to do some research on behavior modification. Basically, you want to reward anything that your son does that is appropriate. Sometimes, the rewards need to be tangible initially like stickers and tokens. Sometimes, you have to start with the smallest of things to be reinforced. You also need to be very consistent with setting expectations. I pray that you will find some solutions. There is help and hope.

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Ritugupta in reply to MsJazzy

We got him diagnosed 2. 6 years back.. When he used to not speak and understand.. Now he understands but not at par of his age.. He is getting stubborn day by day.. And doesn't sit at one place.. Is hyperactivity and stubbornness can very controlled?

You said that he has difficulty understanding. Have you ever considered having him evaluated by a speech-language pathologist to find out more about his receptive and expressive language skills? There is a very strong relationship between ADHD and speech-language delays.

You may want to consider having your child evaluated for ADHD. Children with ADHD have lots of trouble keeping still and staying with one task for long periods of time. They also have poor impulse control and tend to do things without thinking them through. This is normal behavior.

Continue to talk with you child about the importance of good manners, being polite and how important it is in a social setting. My son also has issues with being too playful and can sometimes intimidate his friends.

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Ritugupta in reply to Janice_H

Can't tell you about his behavior.. Every moment he does strange and mad things.. I have to tell him every time that this is bad.. Don't do this don't do that.. How I tackle him.. Sometimes hr put his finger in his mouth, next moment he makes sounds, another next moment he spits, snatches things, hit others without any reason.. What to do.. Sometimes I feel he is mad.. Plz suggest what should I do

Hi Ritu, please schedule an appointment for him to see a regular doctor. Ask to be referred for evaluation by a psychiatrist. They will help you in determining what his diagnosis may be, can provide medication to help calm him down. Behavior therapy is also very helpful.

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Ritugupta in reply to Janice_H

Behavior therapy did not work for him. I took him for ABA, speech and occupational therapy.. But after a period of time nothing is working... His behavior is getting worse again and again.. What to do.. He speaks whatever he wants to speak either he/she may be his father/ mother/ friends.. He can't differentiate what to speak to whom..

Please take him to see a psychiatrist that specializes in mood or behavior disorders.

Agree with Janice, there may be other issues going on here, please get him to a psychiatrist as soon as possible

I am scared of medication and it's side effects.. He is so small.. Heard about essential oils for reducing hyperactivity and improving focus.. Can you Plz suggest me

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