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Booster Dose


Is it common for Doctors not to advise a booster dose? My daughters meds run out at 4 pm and from 4-8 pm she is on rebound and is really challenging for me and her activity coaches (swim and cheer).

I asked her primary care dr about a booster dose and she said no because of sleep and appetite-- neither of which have been a problem for her.

I am going to see a specialist in a few days and I want to ask for a booster dose, but I am concerned she is going to say no.

Is it common to give booster doses to get through the evening, or is that a rare practice?

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I think booster doses are quite common, especially as your child gets older. We used 5-10mg of methylphenidate (generic Ritalin) in the evening for homework and activities. It's short-acting and wears off in no more than 4 hours. We would never have made it through any homework without the booster dose. I don't think it affected his sleep much and we always gave him the booster right around dinner, so he ate well then. I would think an ADHD specialist would be okay with this.

Talk with a psychologist who can help with medication management. They can adjust her dosage amounts and times so she is not having the rebound effects. My son was having this same challenging period until the dosage time was changed to 5 p.m. instead of 2 p.m. Once your daughter is on the right dosing times, she will mellow out and become more compliant. Good luck!

No this is not common, but the doctor doesn't understand the need for medication at that time of day. I just increased our sons with one phone call. We could not survive life in the afternoon.

I hope the specialist is a child psychiatric that had lots of experience with kids with ADHD.

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