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123 Magic


My 6 year old started peeing his pants just for the hell of it. He admitted to doing it on purpose and would just walk around wet and not care. He has other behavior issues, but this was what lead me to call the psychologist. He said he believed it was power struggles and recommended a book called 123 Magic. Y’all, it has made such a difference with all 3 of my boys and me! I wanted to pass the information on in hopes that some of you could benefit from it as well.

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Is he seeing a psychologist? Even if it is a power issue I think this should be talked about with them, if I were in your shoes..

Best of luck

Yes, he is seeing a psychologist. The psychologist said it’s power struggles that is the source of most of his behavior problems. ADHD just adds to it. The psychologist recommended this book. The book explains that an insecure child feels powerful if he can get a big adult frustrated and upset. Pushing buttons and getting a big impact. This book is a tool to help me handle whatever he throws at me calmly. Sometimes, I’ll still get overwhelmed when all 3 of them are giving me trouble and I slip up, but when I stick with the program, it does help me to feel less stressed and the boys don’t get yelled at.

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