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Back to school shopping?


I am curious how everyone deals with buying clothes for back to school? Our son doesn't have the patience for shopping and trying on a bunch of clothes.

Do you go buy stuff and bring it home hoping it will works?

Do you suffer through the whining?

I have a boy who is not into fashion (he is 11years old, middle school)

He likes clothes but doesn't like going to a number if stores.

Just wondering what everyone else does? I wonder if I brought a friend of his if he would have a better time.

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I have him try on one pair to see what size fits him or I do buy 1 or 2 and have him try it on at home

I usually shop by myself because I know what size he needs and he wears what I buy him with no complaint. Try that, it's much less cumbersome 😉

So far my son’s growth has been fairly steady, so I just buy the clothes my self when they go on sale the previous year. We already have next summer’s clothes for the most part.

He’s not super picky, and I try to avoid characters, so it hasn’t backfired too much so far. But he’s only 6, and I’m starting to be more cautious of that changing. He does like to dress nice - when he was 2 he preferred polos & khakis. Now he thinks this bright green blazer (which is 2 sizes to small) makes him look “fancy”. He likes to pair it w/ a white tshirt and jeans or sweats and a tie hooked to the jacket pocket. So yeah - he doesn’t get to pick his wardrobe yet. Lol!

I buy online or go by myself. Less headache for me. Whatever does not fit I take back to the store.

I mostly shop online. I always show him pictures and ask if he likes things. Stores like Old navy, Target and Kohl's are easy to make returns or exchanges. Only occasionally we go into a store. I try to make the trip as quick as possible or bring something for distraction like a fidget or transformer.

The great thing about guy’s clothes is when they start coming in waist and length choices. If he’s big enough you could take his measurements and shop for pants that way. Unfortunately my son is in a size 10 waste but they’re WAY too long (we used to have the opposite problem 🤪). I would have him got on the website of some stores you plan to ship at and pick out a few items he likes. Then you can buy them online or go to the store yourself to get them.

I bring items home and have him try them on and deal with the whining. Once I find something that fits and he likes I go buy it in every different color and that’s that.

Don’t torture yourself...go online and let him select items he likes. That’s what I do with my son who is 6. I know he prefers dinosaurs, only likes shorts and pants with no buttons or snaps, and likes pockets. I order and have them sent to our house. If something doesn’t fit or he doesn’t like it then you can return it to the store. Neither of you need the added stress that comes with busy stores and shopping.

Great idea I dont normally shop online.. he is a bit preteen but I will see what I can do It also keeps me out of the crazy store.

Agree - we buy and bring home and he chooses, generally he keeps nearly all, and I ask what he does/doesn’t like so I know. I think this is much more about the kid as an individual, fewer boys in general like clothes shopping I find, and not really about ADHD or otherwise.


I buy all my sons clothes online. Once you know what size they are at that online store you are all set. When they out grow just move up a size. I usually buy on sale and sometimes I called him over to the computer and ask which colors he likes best. He's not picky and he always looks great. I particularly like Abercrombie and Fitch kids . There shirts are very soft and my son likes the feel. I always buy off season sales for low prices.

It appears the consensus is to buy the clothes, My oldest son age 15 ( in 10 days) does not have any fashion sense or shoe sense. Luckily, I know how to put it together and he goes with it, my 12 y/o have fashion sense but is not interested in buying clothes. Even with my nephew, who does not have ADHD, wasn't interested until he reached high school and girls became involved then things got picky .

Alex_7- thanks for you comments, I have a mixture of a girl savey, 7th grader who wants to wear what the other kids wear but doesn't want to shop. I certain want him to look good but dont have to time or patience. So for example he needs a belt so we were at Target and all of the Men's were to big and after trying on 4 or 5 he did not want to go to an additional dept. or store ( this is where the ADHD comes in). So I will have to take him another day. But at least I know I have to be in the boys dept.

So it's just things like this that are much harder...

I have 2 boys 6 and 9 both have behavioral issues, 9 year old has ADHD and I was wandering if I should I take them clothe shopping , I ask the a few times if they would like to go and try some new jeans for school and they said , no!

so I already know that if I take them I will have to deal with the whining , complaining and not lisening when they start playing around and chasing each other at the store!!

Since I dont want to deal with all that I will by some pants and shirts and return what doesn't fit them, and i will spare my self from all the drama....

I find that it works out well if I just order online. I ask him what he wants and I order accordingly. I know not to order Jean's because when I have he rarely uses them. We stick to cargo shorts and t shirts. A few jogger pants and sweat shirts for the colder months. He doesn't care for fashion it's all about ease and comfort at this point. I also avoid shoes with laces as much as possible! He can walk around with them untied until they rip off for all he cares. We do a lot of the Van's slip on shoes and nikes with elastic just under the tongue so they dont require tying. It works out very well.

I bought almost everything online. It helps to save time and sometimes money. Besides my kids hate go shopping. Only once I didn't receive my purchase, but it was completely my fault, I entered the wrong postal code. Now I prefer to check it through site to avoid mistakes.

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