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Child already has IEP for Speech, but recently diagnosed with ADHD & ODD. Need 504 plan too?Recommendations on Accommodations welcomed!


Our 7 year old son was recently diagnosed with ADHD combined presentation and ODD.

He was previously evaluated thru school twice, once in preschool at age 5 and second in kindergarten at age 6. Evaluation was done out of concerns over his speech and some behaviors. First eval, he did not qualify for any services. Second eval, he qualified for speech services. With that he has an IEP already in place. Now with his recent diagnosis, we know we will request an IEP meeting to re-look at things and update. However, I may have seen or heard that he may need a 504 plan as well?


Any clarification offered on this?

Thanks in advance!

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As far as I know, you can’t have both an IEP and 504...

My son has the same diagnosis. Both adhd and odd. His accommodations are things like more time for tests and quizzes. Also, he can take them in a separate room if needed. He also can walk out of class and ‘self time out’ at any time during the day when he feels like he’s getting upset or whatever.

He does not have any help with schoolwork. Because he doesn’t fall below some imaginary line they have drawn. Even though he failed all his classes in 8th grade. He’s too smart so he was promoted to 9th. I wish I would have put accommodations in place for the schoolwork long ago.

Good luck!!

Since he already has an IEP, his accommodations (and possibly goals to address his needs based on his diagnosis) will be added to the IEP. You should be able to talk to his school speech therapist or resource /SpEd teacher and find out more information. Best of luck to you!


The IEP ( Individual Educational Plan) can just be changed (amended) to place to new diagnosis as a secondary disability as an Other Health Impaired onto the plan.

The reason to continue with this type of plan is so that goals can be written for him and staff can work on these goals to help him achieve in areas he needs to work on, just like in speech.

With a 504 plan there are no goal there are just accommodations ( more time on assignments, quiet setting for tests, etc..) in the educational setting

It will be important to keep the IEP because school will become much more challenging and you will need the school support with your soon to help him be successful in school.

Hope this helps. Ask more questions if you need help.

Look into Neurofeedback.

I am starting this with my son next month... painless, no side effects- physical therapy for the brain and trains the mind to build the ability to focus and concentrate. Amazing testimonials (across the board for brain development). It also helps to reduce the medication dosage for ADHD and often eliminates it altogether.

It is expensive $160-175/per session but amazing if you can help them to neurologically develop the areas of the brain controlling their impulses, behaviors and lack of focus.

Look into it.

Drake Institute


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