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What is your child really GREAT at?

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I know life to really hard for everyone but I want to hear what are the things your child is really good at.

Our son is really great at public speaking.. He is 11 years old. But even when he was younger he got up stood in front of his class dressed as Ab Lincoln and gave an entire speech. He has this great Oral presence...

What about your child... (No video gamers, ha ha) please.

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What a great idea! My 6yo son is very socially outgoing & verbal - he will talk to ANYBODY. And he’s a little engineer- he’s amazing at figuring out / assembling all things mechanical & electrical. Plus, he blows my mind at his reading skills. And he’s got a million great ideas for stories, future businesses, solving problems.

I’ve always said, he is not average at ANYTHING. He’s either significantly ahead or significantly behind. Lol!

I love this!!! My son has a memory like a steel trap. We found a new home for one of our dogs, and even though he didn’t even go to the house, he remembers the address 6 months later. I don’t think I remembered it 6 minuets later!!! He’s also so sweet and caring sometimes.

My 7 year old son is awesome in sports. He loves all kinds of sports. He kicks butt in wrestling. He has so many medals. He loves football and baseball. He is also good at soccer. He is also very sweet and caring. He has his moments at home but we all do right? At school he has awesome grades. I get nothing but good reports from his teacher. ☺️🙂

My daughter is a great gymnast! She has so much energy and will do gymnastics anywhere she goes! She just made the gymnastics team and I can’t wait to see her progress and show dedication to something she loves!

She is also very creative. She can’t follow directions but if you just make supplies available she can create anything!

She is also very social. She makes friends everywhere she goes and is nice to everyone and keeps out of the “drama”!

My grandson is 6.8 and his good at sports such as riding his bike, swimming, and i think his favorite ball game is baseball. He also got an introduction to soccer through a program at his school, so I'm thinking soccer is growing on him as well.

What a wonderful conversation started to lighten the mood..Thanks!!!! 😍

I love the positivity of this post! I attended a talk by Ned Hallowell and he gives the message that adhd is a gift to be unwrapped and I whole heartedly agree with this. Ok so it is tough to deal with the moods, regulation, excessive energy and then withdrawal but my son is also the most creative, intuitive and sweet sensitive little boy you could meet. Yes it is stressful when some days he goes up for no particular reason and I worry so much about how he will cope in school. But when he is in his zone, acting, creating, entertaining he is just magical to watch. We are both lucky and doubly challenged with these kids. Understanding them and offering good role models is what

We can do, I learned early that challenging him was not an option!

Awesome! Matty is 7. He is so sweet! He is very sociable & talks to anyone. He is not afraid to make new friends. He is great at Math. He also says the funniest things. Today we went bike riding, we saw a black snack. He says “I don’t want to get poison, I love my life”. He makes us laugh!

My son is like Cliff Clavin from Cheers when it comes to animal facts. He is also amazing with younger kids and special needs kids - very patient and caring.

YES! The caring part of our kids, I think they have a special gift to understand the need to be caring to other kids more, maybe its becuase that is what they desire.

Thanks for sharing...

Another great skill our son has is that he loves to play chess becuase he has to think a few steps a head... This is really how this brain thinks, he is always thinking " if I do this, this the outcome will be this". If I don't brush my teeth, I can sleep in more..

Gotta love them.

My 8 year old son is a baby whisperer- he loves them and they love him- he will slow down mid run or jump to make sure a baby or toddler is okay. His fine and gross motor skills, his physical stamina, his balance, strength and climbing are all phenomenal. He is creative and loves art. He is funny and knows hot to use humor. He can use any tool and has incredible spatial abilities. He also has a near photographic memory with regard to where things are- my keys, anyone's shoes, the remote control. In so many ways, I wish we lived on a farm. He would be happier if there was more hard physical work, more time outside, more fixing machinery and more taking care of animals. Ppending so much time indoors, completing work sheets is not a good match for my sweet, challenging boy. Sometimes I feel relieved to drop him off at school, but, within an hour, I miss him so much I ache!

Thanks for asking about children's strengths- they all have them and I think we will do better building on their strengths then just trying to "fix" their challenges.

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