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Drugs given for ADHD?

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There is an interesting programme on BBC1 now. Sorry for telling you now but i missed the beginning. It is called “ The doctor who gave up drugs” there is a great piece on ADHD children trying mindfulness techniques like meditation. Sounds crazy but really seems to have helped the children. It explains about the drugs they dish out, the side effects etc. Please try to get to see this , it will give you a few ideas at the very least. I cannot believe the change in some of the children, they look calm and happy. One child said, without meds i am myself, with them i am someone else. !

Sheila 1kerry

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Thanks for this I will try to find it on their website. It is interesting, my son says he knows he behaves better, but he doesn't really know he is taking it. I have seen him with took much medication, not pretty ( we split the dose) but now he is a totally different child stable with almost zero behavior issues in school.

I thought it was amazing to watch these children. The first week they were crazy, running, screaming, climbing etc. When they said they were going to get them to meditate for two minutes a day, i just thought no way!

I was wrong, after a few weeks the changes were obvious. One mum even sends her boy to school drug free one day a week, he was so calm, you would never believe it could change a child so much so fast. The best bit, he was so happy and so was his mum.

Good luck, i hope you can find it. They may even repeat it as BBC1 often do.

Stay strong, it will be worth it in the end. My boy who is now a man of 28 is now my carer. If you had told me that back in the difficult times i would not have believed it. I took the no drugs approach. In my day there was little help or information, things are so much better now that you have the internet.

Take care. Xxx

Hi Sheila, thank you for the tip. I am not given my son any medication yet. I am still trying to find a good specialist in ADHD professional. I am trying to help with all the tips I ready about it. I'll look into the BBC1. Thanks a lot!!!

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Danseuse in reply to Lettysolis

Lettysolis have you seen this video?


I watched it again today with my son ( now 28)

he suffered with adhd. He found it hard to focus on schoolwork etc. What i found was that if he had an interest in something i could use that to help teach him as he was getting behind in school ( and driving teachers crazy). He always loved cars, still does, so i would get books about cars. He loved Thomas the tank engine, i bought the whole set and some hilighter pens, as he learnt to read a word i would get him to colour it with the pens. That he enjoyed. Constant praise also helped. I played down the naughty bits and tried to help him to be positive. They slowly grow out of most symptoms, he now has a partner of six years and they are happy. He also runs his own business. He has a van and does work delivering things all over England. My message is that no matter how bad things can get, they can also get better and better. You will have days when it is awful, you will want to go to bed and sleep then wake up when things are better. You will also, i am sure, have lots of great days, funny days, memorable days when you look at your child with such love. Your child does not need to change, the world does.

Stay strong, message anytime day or night.

Sheila that is a beautiful message I feel sometimes that people make so big deal of this and in the end we get frustrated... I see a lots of people with ADHD very successful and happy and living a normal life. I just hope that I can help my son the best I can so he will be fine too. Thanks again Sheila it is very important to hear that.

Hi Letty, thank you for that message. Did you happen to read that beautiful poem someone posted . It was about this just being a different journey. I think what frustrates a lot of parents is when they compare their child to other peoples children. Ours are different, not wrong, not bad, not naughty just wired a little bit differently. Like all children the things they most need are love and security. You sound like you are well in control and understand what is needed. Your child is a very lucky child. Blessed.. ❤️

Hi Sheila, I am watching the you tubevideo (Dr Russell Barkely) and is very good information. I still haft way to watch it. And what I found is that I am also have ADHD and as I am watching I remember how my childhood was and now I understand a lot about myself and my behavior. I still have a long way to go but I will do my best to help my son and try to help myself. Again talk you for your support. :) and whatever you have info please let me know.

That is incredible that you had it but did not know. That is why you understand so much. Keep learning , it can only help both of you. Thank God for the internet.

Goodnight and sleep well.

“ T omorrow is a new day ❤️ “

My kids school used to teach meditation starting in kindergarten. I don’t think it worked very well. I’d love for them to take on a mindfulness practice but they won’t participate. Medication has worked wonders. Maybe in the future they’ll be more open to mindfulness.

Are they still very young? It sounds as if you have two, do they both have adhd , if so , it must be hard on you. The thing that got me was the change in some of the children. Two in particular were very different, so much calmer. When the boy said without his meds he felt like himself, it choked me up. Like most things it will help some not all. I never tried meds for my son. I was scared, it was pre-internet and hard to get information. Most mums on it said they could not cope without the meds, the one who did say she wanted her son to try days without meds got the most out of it as she formed a closer bond with her son while doing the mindfullness programme.

You sound strong and know your children and you will do your best for them i am sure. I hope they do really well in life and succeed in doing all the things they love.

My son now cares for me, amazing how life turns out. I love him yo pieces anyway, yes there were difficult days but every parent has those.

Stay strong, thanks for replying.

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