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Does any one ever feel judged by your family about how ur child not really getting invited to hang out or sleep overs. Sometimes i feel like my sisters dont invite me to hang out on the weekend or to just spend a day with them..My sister's only have girls and i have two girls my son is the only boy out of 6 breaks my heart and so i stay home...and just keep to my self

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I go through the same thing I work when my son is in school other than that I’m home with him never invited anywhere by anybody in my family

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Maybe try the park and strike up a conversation with a parent. You maynot make friends right away keep trying. Library or rec center.


I see my brother about twice a year. We used to hang out more, when my kids were toddlers but then one holiday, he got so angry at my ADHD daughter for jumping on his couch and playing with his girlfriend's daughter's play kitchen that I resolved to never take my children to his house again. It makes me sad but it's just too stressful to go to his house. We seldom get invites to other people's house which is sad too but I'm kind of ok with it because taking my ADHD 7 yo to other people's house is very stressful for me. She gets so wound up, she doesn't listen and she get's into things and goes into rooms, she isn't suppose to be in. So, I try to have get togethers at our house and only during the day (when my daughter is on her medication). I think raising an ADHD child is just plain hard and isolating.


I have 9 siblings as does my husband. For the most part everyone is kind to my son but I still see the surprise and judgement when he acts up - mainly from one brother who made the mistake of telling me "he's fine when he's with me - you let him get away with things" For crying out loud. He then saw a side of me he hasn't unlocked since. Dumba$$.. What is heartbreaking to me is that my son's sister who is nice to her friends' younger brothers treats her own brother like a germ. It makes me furious since he has no good friends at school and he knows she doesn't really like him. I always tell her "it could have been you". The other son is much more compassionate but he struggles too. ADHD kids a lot of times say inappropriate things to be "funny" or talk over others to be heard. My son comes home from school. I'll ask him "did you tell anyone about the 14" fish you caught in the pond?" He responds, "no, no one wants to hear me talk. They don't want to hear what I have to say. They talk over me or tell me to shut up" Now that is painful. And he tells me this ALL the time. It's depressing for him. Depressing for me.


Yea i stay home and it just depresses me more


What do ya do for disaplint I find my self yelling or getting upset how do ya keep ur cool and what do u let slide


Both my grandson's have ADHD but my younger one has been much more unstable with lots of anger and acting up. After many years my older grandson really doesn't like his brother. In a way I can understand after putting up with his abuse for so long. But he's stable now.

It doesn't help that the older ones in his team's now either. Teenagers are kind of jerky anyway.

They are going to a behavioral therapist which has been helping.


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