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Where do I son is 6 and is on his 3 medication for ADHD. He is on Adderal XR. He takes 10 mg in the morning along with 5 mg in the am and at noon. Over the Last couple of weeks he has been extremely defiant, angry. If he doesn’t get his way he throws things across the room, screams, yells ,hits, punches. He is refusing to take his meds. Please tell me there’s is someone else out there feeling as help less as me.

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Did the medication ever work? I’d talk to the dr it might need to be changed.


He’s actually not bad Durham has been fine during the day up until about a week ago. No the littlest thing sets him off. It’s almost like he becomes immune after so long on these meds! He is constantly after his twin sister. Attacking her . Always hurting her making her cry.


Sounds like the meds are not working. Please talk to the doctor and don’t waste time on wrong meds hoping they will start to work.


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