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Struggling with ADHD


Hi everyone I'm Brighteyez49, it's nice to meet you all. My 16yr. old son has ADHD with severe anxiety and anger issues. He says he feels like the meds that he's on right now and those he's taken in the past makes him feel even more depressed and suicidal. He's been on several different meds. He hates the fact that he was diagnosed with ADHD. It's so hard to get along with him at times. I feel so helpless, I want to help him I just don't know what else to do. I hate that he is going through this ordeal. I bought him a puppy a couple of weeks ago and he told me it's actually teaching him patience and controlling his anger. I have noticed somewhat of a difference. Please if anyone has any other ideas let me know. I love him so much.

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Hi there! My little guy is only 4 1/2 but I see myself in your shoes in the future. My heart hurts for him so bad I feel he has no control. I try to be patient but we often bump heads it can be such a battle. What caught my attention was that you bought him a puppy and you are seeing that it is helpful. About 3 months ago we started horse back riding and he gets to help care for the goats and donkey and I find he has such confidence and pride! Wishing you luck!

Hello, from how you describe your son it sounds like he might have the Inattentive subtype of ADHD. When I was his age and all throughout middle school and high school, I was in a bad irritable mood everyday, and had anxiety in uncommon situations where most don't. I was diagnosed with Inattentive ADHD in my mid 20s and my life did a full 360 when I started taking my small dose stimulant medication along with helpful supplements to eliminate the negative side effects. I am in grad school at the moment to become a MFT Psychologist and have studied ADHD for a few years now. Unfortunately many psychiatrists who prescribe ADHD medication do not recommend supplements to help fight off the negative side effects, which can include even more irritability, sadness, tooth/gum pain, high blood pressure/heart rate.

What happens is that after someone continuously takes stimulant medication no matter how low or high the dosage, the neurotransmitters that are helped by the medication, start to deplete after continuous use. When combining stimulant medication with supplements, it helps those depleted neurotransmitters and helps the medication work to it's full potential. If your son suffers from anxiety and anger issues I would highly recommend the supplements L-Tyrosine (to help with Dopamine and Norepinephrine) which will take the edge off the anger as well and L-Tryptophan (to help with Serotonin) which will help greatly in reducing anxiety and sadness. Another supplement that is amazingly beneficial is R-Alpha Lipoic Acid. It is one of the strongest antioxidants that fights the oxidation that ADHD medications cause, not to mention it also helps with Acetylcholine, which is another neurotransmitter people with ADHD lacks. Medication alone is not enough to help someone with ADHD. I've worked with multiple people, adults, teens, kids, who suffer from ADHD and they have achieve great results from the implementation of supplements. I remember being your son's age. It is an extremely difficult age, especially for someone who has ADHD. Playing music in bands and playing musical instruments was what kept me well. I made a video series of Inattentive ADHD videos, from Elementary school through Adulthood and all the problems that people with Inattentive ADHD and Combined type ADHD go through, I recommend you watch them to get some input into the more detailed issues that come with that type of ADHD. There's a link to them on my page. I also have a link to those supplements I mentioned and others I take and why. I'm not selling anything to anyone, the links just provide info. I just want to help those who suffer from what I suffer from. Man, would I have loved if someone informed my parents of the condition I had at your son's age. You did a great thing helping your son get diagnosed. Talk with him, be real with him, and don't take the things he says personally, the Inattentive types can say some really intense negative things, especially when not sleeping right and not eating/not eating enough. Hope this helps

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