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ADHD recently diagnosed

My barely 6 year old was just diagnosed last week by a neuropsychologist with ADHD. We have an appointment with his pediatrician tomorrow afternoon. Any advice or questions I should ask. This is my first rodeo so all this is very scary to me especially when it comes down to using medication. I am taking the next step to see the pediatrician because I want to be informed and optimally make the best decision for my son. I have also heard about genesight, the swab that best helps a pediatrician which medicines would work best. Has anybody else done this test?

Thanks in advanced!

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Hi- Great you are seeing pediatrician! That is the first step. My son was diagnosed at age 5 1/2 yrs old. We started with seeing an ADHD therapist and also did some occupational therapy to help with impulsiveness that he was experiencing. We did that for 18months. Ultimately he did end up starting ADHD medications but we found a Child Psychiatrist to care for him. It is important to find a specialist if you are going to treat your child with medications! Good luck!


This sounds just like us! We were diagnosed at 5 and did therapy and OT for a year. We just started medication this past Saturday. I am an educator and really wanted to try all the strategies we could first.. but they were not helping. He is a completely different child. It wears off at 7pm and it’s hard to eat him to sleep, but so far Concerta has been a game changer. He even asks for it because it helps his brain feel better. :(

Completely understand the nervousness and anxiousness of it all. This group helps so much!!


Thanks guys for the encouragement. Our pediatrician actually spent over 1 hr and 30 mins with me going over everything. We actually started him on Concerta 18 mg this morning. As I sit here written this message I am looking across the room and watching my child for the first time doing his homework with me this far away and not having to sit right next to him redirecting is a total WOW. My pediatrician sent a referral to our local Children’s Hospital for OT and behavior therapy.

I just have to remember this is not a race but a marathon.

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