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10 y.o. gifted, adhd, anxiety, ocd, tics....oh my!

Any one dealing with homeschooling an unmedicated almost 10 year old girl with adhd, gifted, anxiety, tics, ocd and somatic issues. Non stop drama in our home. It takes an hour to get dressed in the morning. She cries constantly at the drop of a hat. Belittles herself constantly. School work is coming to a grinding halt. She's acting stupid to try to fit in. Doesn't want to do any work. Taking things away and positive reinforcement barely work most of the time. We tried a stimulant but it caused awful tics. I am not willing to try the meds with blackbox warnings for suicide. I have no clue what to do. I feel my own health deteriorating from this day in and day out. Anyone in the same situation? Anyone figure this out with some success? We are getting therapy, but it does not feel like once a week is enough. Would love some light at the end of the tunnel stories or magic fixes that I missed. Lord have mercy.

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awwww prayers for you. Try not to get stress pleasee .

I am lil bit in same boat as my son goes school have mild symptoms but always scare if something went worse what will i do . Please pry to lord and invlove her in other activities she likes.

hugs for you and your innocent girl


Thank you for your kind reply. I appreciate your prayer very much and will pray for you and your son. The only thing that has really helped her day to day is to remind her that she is exactly like everyone else - made in the image and likeness of God. She has dignity that can not be overshadowed by difficulties. This has all been such an exercise in learning how to really trust God. We can only do our best, the rest for me is laid at the feet of our Father. I know all will be well in time, but as you know, it's so comforting to know others understand. Thanks again.

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