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School trouble?

My 6 year old is having a lot of trouble in school. He knows all the material but when he has to do the tests or worksheets at school he constantly gets bad grades. There's a good chance he is going to fail 1st grade, not sure how to get him help with that. I looked into specialized schools but I'm already working two jobs and still can't afford those kinda schools.

Any advice?

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Has he been diagnosed? Is he on any medication?

My grandson doesn't do well on tests at all. In his IEP we have modifications that he can take test separately and at his own pace. But you have to have a diagnosis from a doctor to get an IEP.

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Hi, try to get his school to test him or NICHQ test from Dr. then you can request a 504 plan or an IEP that put measures in place to assist with extra help and he may need someone st his side.

My grand sim has been struggling since he was in daycare before we put him in preschool. Then all of a sudden things started to come into focus that there really was something wrong. Why it seems like he's not leaning, constantly on the move, and slightly delayed in speech.

They seem to have the ability to memorize everything but can only speak to what interests them.

That's kinda how we got started and still working towards origress.


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