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White Noise made a significant positive impact on my life

First, I am an adult with diagnosed ADHD. I take an anti-depressant that works wonders for my ADHD.

I have a white noise machine in several rooms of our house. I use it every day when sleeping. It eliminates or reduces ambient noises that are distracting and disturbing to me. I use it when I need to focus on something important like writing or calculating or thinking.

If I had this as a kid, I believe that I would have excelled in school and in life. It has been a life changer for me. I also tap into a white noise site on the internet. Taking a test with a white noise background would help me concentrate and organize my thoughts.

I take my white noise machine on trips, I would find it more than difficult to live without it.

Hope this is helpful to those reading this.

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Thanks for sharing!

Do you mean just regular white noise as in the constant “shhhhhhhhh” type of sound? Or do you use nature sounds of waves, birds chirping, etc?

Did you find an app with these?


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