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Help with communicating with ADHD child

Hello Everyone!

My daughter is 6 and diagnosed with ADHD. Today I was called into school since she had some behavoir issues listening and the result was her ending up in the principles office. Overall the school is very good with dealing with her ADHD and communicating/working with us. When I arrived, my daughter had 'shut down' and communication was not an option. I used the Breathing bubbles app for her to 'release her emotions' which did help open her up and she would then communicate with one of the aides.

Is this shut down of communication common? If so, does anyone have any tips for handling this? I am starting to wonder if she also has ODD, however, typically with her defiance it is not consistent for an extended amount of time.

She is not on any medication, as that is our wish at this time, but we know that may come into play in the future. Overall this school year had been going good, but might be heading down hill without any warning. Any help/discussion would be greatly appreciated.

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